NEWS Why Anthony Seibold should make Anthony Milford a co-captain at the Broncos

Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by Gaz, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. broncsgoat

    broncsgoat NRL Player

    Without trying to body shame him, but there was a pic of a few of the boys at the beach on Glenn’s (I think) insta and while he doesn’t look fat, if that’s career best shape no wonder he’s come under scrutiny in the past.
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  2. Marty Deutschmann

    Marty Deutschmann NRL Player

    What a nothing article to attack Milford and get into his head.
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  3. Brotherdu

    Brotherdu QCup Player

    I'd be pretty surprised if Milf was even reading these articles let alone taking them seriously.

    I also think it's a long shot that a journo wrote an article with the intention of getting into Milford's head. It's purely about the clicks and the Bronco's generate the most.

    We haven't had any incidents or noteworthy signings over the off season, so they are scraping the barrel more than normal. Just wait until Lodge gets called up to origin, or Bird doesn't win us every game and watch things take off again.
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    Yep, when you look at blokes like Jamayne and Jimmy the jet within his own club, or even someone more appropriate to Milford’s on-field role, like Thurston, Milf’s conditioning leaves a lot to be desired...

    His natural talent is undeniable but if that conditioning is indicative of his work ethic, he’ll never be in the same league as a Thurston... Talent gets you so far. Hard work and talent make champions.

    Be great if someone could get that into Milford’s head, I think we’d then see him become the player he should be...
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  4. something

    something NYC Player

    Interesting concept though. I know it probably won't be til 2021, but who replaces Boyd as captain?

    This is going to come across as negative and I'd like to preface this by saying I quite like Boyd, and I think he should be our fullback in 2019. However, I think Boyd has been an average captain. I know a lot goes on behind closed doors and his resurgence and management of the mental health issues is admirable - but there are certain things which have really annoyed me.

    Firstly, the Rat Saga. That never should have happened, it shows a disconnect among the players, Boyd and Wayne should have dealt with this immediately and it NEVER should have gone public. Secondly, the soft tries. If I were a middle forward and I saw Boyd let in as many preventable tries as he did, I would have been incredibly frustrated (why am I busting my arse here, when he won't even put his body on the line there) Lastly, playing injured - I know this also reflects on Wayne as well - but you should always put the team above yourself, even if it means sacrificing game time to rest. Boyd's semi-final in 2017 was bad. Boyd's 2018 was sub-par.

    So, who replaces him? Few essential categories for mine - certain starter, consistent, good communicator, selfless, competitive, respected, feared by the opposition.

    Certain starters
    Milford, Jimmy, McCullough, Offa, Gillet (big if), Tevita, Lodge,

    Of those guys I wouldn't consider Milf or Jimmy as particularly consistent, I wouldn't consider McCullough as one who is feared by the opposition.

    So that leaves Offa, Gillet, Tevita or Lodge.

    I think Lodge's past means he wont be a leader of the Bronco's, at least anytime soon. I wouldn't be making Tevita captain until he stops pissing around during contract time / he seems to be a bit of a hot head.

    So that, for mine, leaves Offa and Gillet. I think if Gillet comes back strong, he is the man. Has done his time, he is a lifetime Bronco.

    But, if he is a shadow of the player he used to be, I'd be more than contented with Offa. Weirdly, for mine, he just seems to have it. No nonsense player, keeps a low profile, keeps a cool head, but damaging and competitive. He was never gifted a spot, he really had to work for it and now he is well and truly cemented as a starter. I think when he went off in our loss to the dragons last year it really hurt us and to me, it highlighted that perhaps Offa is more valuable than we think.

    Weirdly, I didn't write this post with Offa in mind. But the more I considered it the more sense it made to me.

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  5. holdzy89

    holdzy89 NRL Captain

    Interesting, good write up mate.

    I think either Milf (he will be ready for it next year), Macca or Gillo. Leaning towards Gillo but as you said, depends upon performance.

    I like Ofa but I don’t see a team leader yet. Let’s see how he leads the pack first. He’s getting there.
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  6. holdzy89

    holdzy89 NRL Captain

    Milfs 2015 fitness with the last few years experience would be great.
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  7. broncsgoat

    broncsgoat NRL Player

    Jamayne has one of the most impressive rigs I’ve ever seen, what a **** weapon.
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  8. something

    something NYC Player

    Neither do I, not yet at least, but 2021 - very potentially ... still leading toward Gillo for sure tho

    to be honest, my ideal is Milly, but only if he can get a bit more consistency to his game
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  9. Sirlee oldman

    Sirlee oldman QCup Player

    I like his step even more than his rig. I think by the end of next season he will be a superstar.
  10. LGH

    LGH U18 Player

    Lord. The press would melt down if that happened.
  11. Gaz

    Gaz NRL Player

    They melted down last year when we signed him. They can go and **** themselves.
  12. Nepal Donkeys

    Nepal Donkeys BRL Player

    Only that moron would write this level of drivel.

    He has an obsession with Milford. He never gives any credit when its due, always loves to rub any negative in, and keeps banging on that hes a flop.

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