Would Cam Smith, JT, Slater and Co been as good.....



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Mar 25, 2008
Here's an interesting hypothetical I've been thinking about lately.

Do Cameron Smith, Johnathan Thurston, Billy Slater, and to a lesser extent Darren Lockyer (because he was already super awesome) become as good as they are if they don't play together in this period of origin?

Say if Cameron Smith played in an era where he was carrying the team by himself or with only one other star would he have become the "best ever", or would he have reached the Langer/Stuart/Fittler level of awesome and just stayed there?

I say that these guys have made each other be awesome. The QLD spirit has grown with them and around them and through them.

Phil Gould said in game 1 "If we have Johnathan Thurston, we win this game" and I disagree. He is totally missing the point. If JT is playing for the blues, then he's not "JT"and he hasn't got that QLD spirit, AND even though they have JT they still have to play QLD. They just don't get it. It's an intangible thing about playing for QLD. It's what Mal brought back and reminded them about.

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