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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by ningnangnong, Aug 31, 2015.

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    Just, what, loiters around the bins? Or does he get to chatting with the managers and says "if you're ever throwing stuff out, put it aside and I'll swing by regularly to see".

    When I worked in retail, there were always these guys that walked around with backpacks on. I am willing to bet that your uncle goes around most days with a backpack.
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    that's what i was thinking, some shady weirdo hanging out by the bins everyday waiting for a bin run.
  3. He goes to a couple of them at a certain time each day and looks to see if there is anything they are throwing out. He usually does tell the staff that if there is anything then just leave it at the back somewhere.

    If there is anything there, he'll load it up in his van and if there is anything we could use, he'll bring it around and we would either keep the stuff or sell it depending on whether they need to be fixed and how much it would cost.
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    Bigger company staff would likely cop massive shit for that from head office if they found out. If their staff are allowing it, they become liable. If he zaps himself with a dud component, they are screwed.
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  4. That's actually a firable offense at the companies I usually contract for.
  5. I would think that would be pretty universal for any company that isn't a mum and dad retailer.
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    Not sure if they’re still available. Might have been last week’s deal. Worth a check though. If you ask someone they often keep unsold gear out the back. This was in Toowoomba but should be QLD wide.
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  9. Got a Dyson fan (TP04). It's nuts, you can even control via your phone.
  10. Top of the range noise cancelling Bose headphones. So good especially whilst flying.
  11. Which ones did you go with? Love my Bose headphones.
  12. Don't really know about the model, actually wearing them at the moment while I rewatch the Blacklist. All I know for certain is that there's no higher model available. I read a bunch of reviews about the top five best etc etc and these were either first or second on every review, the other make was the same. It seems as though there are two, best in class sets of headphones out there. Both around $500. Aside from the essential functions it's great dealing with texts converted to speech, phone calls and some other features that make life a little simpler.
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  13. Anyone looking at boxing day deals?

    @ningnangnong@ningnangnong if you come across any ripper 2TB SSD deals you should share them. Really want a 2TB SSD under the $300 mark.
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  14. ningnangnong

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    Am I BHQ's go to bargain hunter or something? haha

    No worries though fam, I'll keep me eye out and let you in on the loot if I find anything!
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  15. I know you're always on the hunt for good deals like me haha, if anyone's going to see it on BHQ, it's got to be you.

    Amazon had a Crucial MX500 2TB last month for $323 + delivery but by the time I saw it, it was gone :( I'm expecting to see some 2TB hit the $300 mark soon hopefully...
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  16. Looks like they are still selling them for that much.

    $284 not including shipping and it looks like there are about half a dozen left in stock.
  17. You sure that's not USD?
  18. ..... Never mind.

    I was under the impression you could change the currency on your account which I thought I had. Forget I said anything.

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