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I just ordered a Samsung Galaxy S II, and was wondering what everyone else has laying around.


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I've got a Nokia N8. Had an N95 and N96 before it. It's a great bit of gear, and does everything, but sometimes it's a bit slow.


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iPhone 3GS at the moment (my 3rd one, after 2 failures).

Have previously had:
- HTC TouchPro 2
- Nokia N95
- Nokia N80
- Nokia 6610 (Fat boy!)
- Nokia 3310
- Nokia 5510
This shows how old Coxy is. :-P


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I have an iPhone 3GS. It's not jailbroken, I love it but it's getting slow now after all those rainy festivals that I've been to, plus I broke the screen (which is now fixed by a dodgy Arab). The back is cracked as well.

Previously, I had an N95 which was the bomb-diggity. Before that, I had an LG U810.


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Hmmm, back in the day I had a Phillips Savvy, it was so super cool, it could tell you your fortune.
Then I had a Nokia 3210. Uber orsm, as you could play snake & change the cover!
Then I had the 3310, which OMG, you could buy custom made ring tones. AXEL F for the MF Win.
By this time I went straight to the 5610 - & ZOMG you won't believe it, had COLOUR screen AND A CAMERA!!!!!!! It also could play MP3's and had a memory card. It was magical.
Then Enter the MOBILE CAP! I went to one of those slidey ones. Possibly a 6000 or 8000 series Nokia, which was OK, not too much advancement in this one, it was the basic free one on a $29 cap. Amazing. I'd settled down and got married by this stage, so my party days were over and I didn't need the fanciest phone on the planet.
I then made a very bad choice when that phone died and picked myself out a Sony Ericson piece of Junk. It was the worst phone i ever had. But it was shiny and red. I suffered for 1.5 years until I finally killed it, thank GOD, and got myself a iPhone 3GS.
Which was so awesome, and even more awesome when it's jailbroken.

BUt sadly, it stopped operating and I needed a new phone, enter the iPhone 4. Couldn't wait til the iPhone 5 came out - bad timing, but ah well, and decided not to go for the more superior Samsung Galaxy S II as it doesn't fit in my clutch. Yes, that's why I didn't get it. Haha.

Mobile phones are so super awesome.

The phones I've loved the most are my 3210 back in the day - it was so sensational, and my iPhone 3GS, I felt both of them were revolutionary and I couldn't BELIEVE what they could do.


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Previous phone was an iPhone 3GS, ditched that and now running with a HTC Mozart.

Don't really care about my older phones as before the iPhone they all sucked, Next upgrade is awhile away i guess but it will be another HTC WP7 of some sort.


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HTC Mozart - Windows Phone 7.

Absolutely love it after having every iPhone model I must say it's refreshingly better.

Next phone most likely a Nokia WP7 phone. Love Nokia designs and build, love WP7, perfect match for me.


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iPhone 4 for personal use, HTC Desire HD for work (I wanted the Galaxy S II but they wouldn't let me wait for it). The HTC is fine but I love my iPhone - I honestly don't think any other touch screen comes close in terms of response and accuracy, but I might just be more used to it. Pretty sure I will get the iPhone 5 when my contract is up in December.


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My sister just got the Galaxy S II and I'm pretty impressed so far. Bigger than iPhone but it's lighter.


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Alright, so I'm a bit of a mobile phone nut. I love the bloody things, and always have a new one.

The absolute worst thing I ever did? Bought an iPhone 4. Nothing compares to it, no matter what the haters say, they are simply the greatest phone on the planet. While I'm still working my way around the Galaxy S II, the iphone just feels like a nicer phone. But anyway, I'm determined to get away from this Apple thing, just so I can actually use the new gadgets I buy.

iPhone 3Gs - Hated it.
iPhone 4 - Love it (Jail Broken only)
HTC Trophy (Win 7) - Pretty ****, even with Mango
HTC Legend - I loved this phone, it was only a cheap handset, but used it for quite some time
Sony Ericsson X10 - Was my first Android phone, and like SE like to do. They completely butchered the experience in everyway possible. Terrible phone.
Blackberry Bold 9700 - Loved it. But was limited in what it could do outside of business
Blackberry Bold 9000 - As above
Blackberry Curve 8310 - As Above
Blackberry Pearl 8100 and 8120 - As Above but no 3G


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I've got my heart set on the new BlackBerry Bold 9900. Optus is bringing them out next month and they look sensational. Gonna wait a few months for them to become available on a cheaper contract before signing up...

Nashy are you getting in on this too?

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I've had at least 10 mobiles going all the way back to my savvy - hi5 to the other person I saw in here with one!!!

Not in correct order of purchase, will update when I can be bothered going to my mobile phone draw and looking at them all lol:
- Phillips(?) savvy
- iPhone 3GS
- Nokia 6300 - sexiest looking phone ever IMO
- Sony Ericsson t610 - second sexiest phone ever
- 3 e606 (can't remember manufacturer), very first 3G/video call phone
- 3 LG flip phone (can't remember make)
- some other colour screen nokia
- first colour screen motorola
- some slide screen nokia

Next up is probably a Mozart 7, depending on the price/specs of the next batch of win phones.

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