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    Hey mate, how do you rate Oppo phones against these guys?
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  1. Oppo and OnePlus are actually the same parent company. You'll notice their designs are near identical for this reason.

    OnePlus makes the better phones with higher specs at a lower price.
    Oppo sells the "flashier" phones generally marketed at the average consumer.

    You almost always will get a significantly worse deal going for Oppo. Only thing Oppo has going for it, is they officially sell in Australia so you can buy one anywhere and get a local warranty.

    If you're asking about Xiaomi, I'd rate them ahead of Oppo too, but OnePlus is better than both because it comes with stock software like a Google Pixel would.
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  2. That's awesome info mate, cheers. Just out of interest, where did you get your oneplus from?
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  3. ningnangnong

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    Mi A2 comes with stock Android!

    That's the whole reason I got my Mi A1 - **** love Xiaomi!!!
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  4. My first OnePlus I actually got in Aus, because for about 3 months they had an Australian website. Second one, some guy off Facebook had a OP6 for $400, so I went straight over and grabbed it at that price.

    Generally speaking though, Aliexpress, Joybuy, Gearbest, eBay all stock them. Kogan stock it too locally, but it's an import, so you'll get warranty through Kogan (but not OnePlus) but it's generally like $200-$250 more, I'm not paying that premium for a warranty.
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  5. The Mi A1/A2 are seriously good phones for the price they're at. Now if Xiaomi make flagship phones with the Android One program, I'd very likely be tempted to go with them for my next purchase.
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  6. soup

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    My partners Mi 8 is impeccable. Photos are ridiculously amazing quality, with night and low light shots confusing the shit out of me as to how they get so much detail and crispness without the blur or over-sharpening.

    I’m so jealous of her phone! Mine isn’t shabby being the iPhone 6S+, but her’s shits all over mine, and our DSLR in many ways.

    Like you say though, I want the unblemished android software before I commit.
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  7. Yeah I absolutely love Xiaomi and what they've done for the industry and in all honesty, their software is probably one of the best custom ROMs out there but I just want stock Android. OnePlus isn't "stock" however it's basically stock with a few very, very good add ons like gesture support and Parallel apps which I must say is freaking amazing. I'd be willing to trade those awesome features if a Mi9 was stock Android with the awesome specs/design the Mi series usually has and almost certainly a better price.

    At the moment, there's basically zero competition for well priced stock-ish Android phones, at least none that I can think of. Only other flagship stock is the Pixel but that's horrendously over priced.

    I do really like Samsung but they are again, horrendously over priced with the upwards price trend amongst the big companies and they release like one update and forget the phone exists. If they updated as regularly as Apple/Google, I'd be pretty tempted to go back that way.
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  8. My S9 has had at least 7 updates since I've bought it, and should get Android Pie this month.
  9. Galaxy devices only get two major updates in their life cycle. The rest are Android security updates.

    I have pie on mine now, it's a little bit... Meh
  10. Is Samsung committed to two major updates? In the past they've released the phone with the older version of Android, then update it like 15 months later and that's it. Not talking about security updates.

    I just think if you're paying $1800 for a Note 9 for example and you get 1 major update I'd be really disappointed.

    My OnePlus 6 had Android 9 back in September.
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  11. Haven't seen Pie yet.

    Isn't 2 major updates pretty normal over a phone life cycle? Chances are the hardware won't be compatible with later versions anyway...?
  12. The hardware isn't the issue. 2 is normal, doesn't mean it's good. These high end devices cost over $1000, they should be supported for longer than 2 software cycles.
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  13. There are a few releases in other countries if you want it early but "Official". Shit like VoLTE and VoWiFi won't work with those though.

    I don't run official ROMs. Updated a couple of days ago. It's good, but it's not great. Dark mode was an awesome thought, but AMOLED + low brightness + moving blacks is shit.
  14. Google commits to 3 major updates. Apple does 4-5, OP6 does at least 3.

    OnePlus 3, released mid 2016 with Android 6, getting the Android 9 update in the next 2 months. Have a look at how many updates it has received over its life cycle, and they're not security updates... 59 updates, Android 9 will be the last update for it.

    Samsung should be committing to 3 as a minimum for their flagship devices at least.
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  16. Perhaps you're right. I normally upgrade my phone every year, which just costs me $99 as work pays for the plan, so I don't know how far phones go in terms of backwards compatibility.
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  18. Just been doing a bit of reading on the One Plus 6 and noticed a few people mentioning the lack of support for VoLTE and VoWiFi out here for this phone from our carriers. Do you see this as a major problem?
    Nope, I'm with Telstra, the reception and phone call quality is great wherever I go.

    Never thought of VoLTE as anything useful, VoWiFi, well if you're regularly in areas where you have zero mobile reception but have access to WiFi I guess it could be crucial but it's a very niche use case, for most people it's going to be useless.
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