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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Nashy, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Wolfie

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    Very disappointed in you guys not finding me a Xiaomi or similar brand with NFC and wireless charging!
  2. @soup@soup - Was it your missus that had one? Wolfie missed the love.

    If not I think @ningnangnong@ningnangnong and @broncospwn@broncospwn will fanboy it up a bit!
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  3. soup

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    I remember replying. I haven’t checked to see if NFC works yet (it is supported, but not sure in Australia), and we don’t need wireless charging so not sure if it supports it. Mi 8 is a **** brilliant camera phone though.
    I don't know of any phone that lacks NFC unless it's cheap trash, it's just about ubiquitous at this point. Wireless charging isn't super common on the Chinese phones. I know the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has it, heck they include a wireless charger in the box with that phone but it's not a phone I'd recommend.
  4. Wolfie

    Wolfie NRL Captain

    Wont be getting that one then!

    Really was hoping i could find a Xiaomi with what i'm looking for. Might just have to bide my time and put up with this POS mate 10 pro.
    There's growing rumours that the OnePlus 7 will have wireless charging which will launch around May. I'd easily recommend OnePlus over Xiaomi.

    I honestly can't think of many Chinese phones that have wireless charging. Oppo has none, OnePlus has none, Vivo has none, Xiaomi only has the one phone I mentioned. Huawei has Wireless Charging on their mate 20 line but at the prices they want I'd recommend a Samsung every day of the week.

    Oppo joined the Qi Wireless Consortium (wireless charging group) last month and they are under the same owner of OnePlus and Vivo so I would say we're about to get a flood of Chinese phones this year with wireless charging.
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