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Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Nashy, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Wolfie

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    Very disappointed in you guys not finding me a Xiaomi or similar brand with NFC and wireless charging!
  2. @soup@soup - Was it your missus that had one? Wolfie missed the love.

    If not I think @ningnangnong@ningnangnong and @broncospwn@broncospwn will fanboy it up a bit!
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  3. soup

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    I remember replying. I haven’t checked to see if NFC works yet (it is supported, but not sure in Australia), and we don’t need wireless charging so not sure if it supports it. Mi 8 is a **** brilliant camera phone though.
    I don't know of any phone that lacks NFC unless it's cheap trash, it's just about ubiquitous at this point. Wireless charging isn't super common on the Chinese phones. I know the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has it, heck they include a wireless charger in the box with that phone but it's not a phone I'd recommend.
  4. Wolfie

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    Wont be getting that one then!

    Really was hoping i could find a Xiaomi with what i'm looking for. Might just have to bide my time and put up with this POS mate 10 pro.
  5. There's growing rumours that the OnePlus 7 will have wireless charging which will launch around May. I'd easily recommend OnePlus over Xiaomi.

    I honestly can't think of many Chinese phones that have wireless charging. Oppo has none, OnePlus has none, Vivo has none, Xiaomi only has the one phone I mentioned. Huawei has Wireless Charging on their mate 20 line but at the prices they want I'd recommend a Samsung every day of the week.

    Oppo joined the Qi Wireless Consortium (wireless charging group) last month and they are under the same owner of OnePlus and Vivo so I would say we're about to get a flood of Chinese phones this year with wireless charging.
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  6. I'm wondering with the Samsung Galaxy S9, can you undo a software update and revert it to the original software version prior to the update? Or can you only do a factory reset and take it back to the software version when you first got the phone?

    My sister in law updated her phone and directly after that, she couldn't receive any incoming calls and calls would drop out. A google search shows this is a common issue with the S9 but none of the fixes posted online work so I'm wondering if what I asked above is possible and we'll see if that works.
  7. I managed to downgrade from a 9 to 8 custom rom without losing everything, you could try using adin to flash the official ROM from Sammobile, and not perform a full wipe.

    It may not work though.
  8. Speaking of GS9 updates, after the most recent one I received, it is making me swipe the answer button to answer phone calls. It's a huge pain in the arse and I fucken hate it.

    But alas I can't seem to find the setting to change it?

    I can tun on "one tap" through android assistant.....and the swipe goes away and I can answer by simply pressing the answer icon, but....then android assistant is a fucken pain as well because of its insistent thumb tile that's permanently present on the screen.

    Turn off android assistant and I'm back to swiping.

    Why do updates always **** you in the arse??? :eusa_doh:
  9. I haven't found a way to turn it off, but it's annoying me too. Not so much that I have to swipe, but that sometimes I have to swipe a couple of times as it doesn't always pickup.

    Edit: I'm actually not a big fan of the update overall. I don't like the design changes all that much.
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  10. For now, moving the "assistant" tile to the very top of the screen and set on minimum opacity is proving the least annoying option for me.

    At least I don't have to swipe to answer the phone. Greasy, painty, sweaty hands..... don't like it.
  11. Exactly.......

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  12. Clintos

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    I **** hate the update. That swipe to answer shit is dodgy as, and I'm not really a fan of any of the changes.
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  13. The one thing I do like, is the ability to use a dark theme with pretty much everything, and the way the settings are organised. I'm pretty annoyed at the swipe to answer a call though.
  14. Still running my iPhone X, 256GB. Cost a small fortune when I got it, running like a dream and I'm not impressed by the XS /XR stuff that has come out since so I see absolutely no reason to change any time soon...

    Got myself onto a nice little 30GB $49 BYOD plan with Telstra so I think I'll sit (unless Telstra want to sling me some more data... Hint, hint bots...) until 5G handsets become a thing...
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  15. I'm on the same plan for $39 a month. Ask them for a $10 credit.

    They've also just released a new plan 60GB for $49p/m
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  16. Ironbroncos

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    Upgraded to th Galaxy S10 .. Got it delivered last week. Nice phone still getting use to a few things, but worth it. Ive already kinda dropped it twice
  17. Socnorb


    Anyone having trouble with the NRL app. Wants me to update I update. It wants me to update I update it wants me to update.
  18. @broncospwn@broncospwn are you still on the Oneplus 6 and 6T bandwagon? I have to get a new phone and I am looking at these. Which out of the two would you recommend?
    I sure am, personally I'm using the 6 but I got it for $400 on FB marketplace so at that price it was a super easy choice.

    What made me specifically go for the 6 over the 6T (price aside) is the 6 has a headphone jack and the 6T does not. If the headphone jack means little/nothing to you, then the 6T is definitely a better phone. Slightly nicer screen, bigger battery, finger print scanner under the screen, slightly nicer camera, etc. They have the same processor and hardware otherwise, so long term they should perform the same, get the same updates, and be near identical functionally.

    6T definitely a better phone so if it's within $100-$150 or so, I'd probably get a 6T but if you can grab a 6 at a much better price I'd recommend that instead and you keep a headphone jack, which for me is valuable.

    All that being said, the OnePlus 7 is expected to be announced/released in May, so it's near the end of the product cycle. If you're not in need of an urgent upgrade, I'd recommend you pick up a 6/6T on special when they dump in price, or buy the 7 which going off the rumours looks damn awesome.
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