News and Rumour Rules

News Posting Requirements

You are welcome to post related news to BroncosHQ. Copy pasting of full news articles is discouraged, and some news sources are outright banned from being posted or sourced. If you are posting news, we require that you observe the following rules
  • Check the banned publication list
  • Do not post paywalled content
  • Author must be credited
  • Link back to original article must be posted
  • Date must be posted
  • No click bait headlines
  • No embellishment of the facts
  • Fact and opinion should be clear

Prefix Use

Please select a prefix suitable to the article, or opinion you are posting.
  • OFFICIAL - Announced by Brisbane Broncos
  • NEWS - General News Posting
  • REDDIT - When embedding articles hosted on Reddit
  • RUMOUR - Must be sourced and posted in Rumour Thread
  • QCUP - All Q-Cup Related News
  • THE EX - News about previous Broncos coaches
  • CRICKET NEWS - So we know not to read it

Banned Publications

News Ltd. publications are banned and referenced below. This is not an exhaustive list.
The Australian
The Daily Telegraph
The Sunday Telegraph
The Sportsman
Herald Sun
Sunday Herald Sun
The Courier-Mail
The Sunday Mail (QLD)
The Gold Coast Bulletin
The Advertiser
Sunday Mail (SA)
The Mercury
The Sunday Tasmanian
Northern Territory
Northern Territory News
The Sunday Territorian
Quest (QLD) newspapers
Gold Coast Bulletin
Townsville Bulletin
Innisfail Advocate
Burdekin Advocate
The Northern Miner
Herbert River Express
The Cairns Post
Tablelands Advertiser
The Daily Mercury
Central Queensland News
The Morning Bulletin
Central Telegraph
The Observer
Fraser Coast Chronicle
The Gympie Times
The Sunshine Coast Daily
The Queensland Times
The Chronicle
Warwick Daily News
The Dalby Herald
Chinchilla News and Murilla Advertiser
The Western Star
GQ Australia
Vogue Australia
Vogue Living
Super Food Ideas
Big League
Sports Confidential
Sky News Australia
Fox Sports Australia

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