2022 RLPA Team of the Year

What was Cobbo better at this year? I'd hate to bring up errors and defensive reads...ya know, don't wanna cherry pick.
From what I've seen Cobbo has more ability to fend off people with speed and is more dangerous in open play, but outside that I would say Suaalii is better, it's hard though because they are still in the early stages of their career and people develop differently, I mean Munster who like them came through as a Fullback and wasn't at their level or even close to it at their ages respectively, yet look at him now.
Suaalii's form to end the year was undoubtedly better but on the whole it was a pretty even season for both guys. My point wasn't necessarily that Selwyn was hard done by, just that the media and RL community moves on very quickly when pumping up prospects.

Personally I think Penrith deserved better representation than they got. They're playing at a completely different level to the rest of the competition, whereas the Roosters left their run way too late and paid the price.
Cobbo is very gifted naturally but imo Sualii has shown a level of intelligence that Cobbo doesn’t have. He’s a very smart player for his age. The way he dominates the ruck when he gets tackled is like a seasoned vet - maybe the biggest difference between the 2 is coaching
Nailed it.

When I see Suaalii I see somebody who's been conditioned to play the Blake Ferguson role of taking every second carry he can out of trouble. He's a bigger body so he's very effective at that role, but he has simple and clear instructions and does very little outside of that. I don't view that as intelligence from him, but rather the coach.

That is, unless you consider his problematic running style high IQ.
I would go Latrell, Dearden, Cleary and Mahoney.


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