NEWS 2023 NRL Rule "Tweaks"

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Mar 4, 2008
The NRL have made an announcement titled "no new rules for 2023 season"

however in that announcement the following changes have been made, one of which will give the refs another way to manipulate the results IMO.

** The Bunker will now “only intervene for acts of foul play which it deems to be reportable”

** The 18th man is able to be used if only two team mates have failed their HIA's (down from 3)

** The captains challenge can be initiated “following the final play in each half, provided the referee has not already called half or full-time"; ... “A challenge may be initiated after the referee blows his whistle to stop play, rather than only after a decision resulting in a structured restart.”

** a try will be awarded where the ball “rotates from the hand to the wrist or forearm” as long as the player does not lose contact with the ball

** Refs calls around the ruck and completed tackles will be condensed, with the "held" and "release" calls combined into one call, after which a tackler must make a clear effort to leave the ruck.

** Offside defenders at a scrum will now be penalised with a full penalty, rather than a set restart

** any team deemed to be deliberately leaving the ball locked at the back of a scrum to catch defenders out can also be penalised.

Graham Annesley Says:

“While relatively minor, these changes will improve three elements of the game – player safety, the game presentation for fans and offside compliance,”

“We undertook a thorough review of the 2022 season, including consultation with the NRL clubs, the RLPA and other stakeholders.

“The overriding feedback was the current interpretations are creating a faster and more free-flowing game, but there was a need to address some minor issues which have emerged.

“These changes will allow clubs and players clarity on certain issues while also giving fans more entertainment and transparency as the game evolves in 2023.”


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Sep 6, 2013
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