OFFICIAL 2024 draw

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Round 1: Roosters - Sun, Mar 3. 2:30PM. Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas
Round 2: Rabbitohs - Thurs, Mar 14. 7PM.
Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Round 3: Panthers - Thurs, Mar 21. 7PM. BlueBet Stadium, Penrith
Round 4: Cowboys - Fri, Mar 29. 7.05PM.
Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Round 5: Storm - Thurs, Apr 4. 7PM. AAMI Park, Melbourne
Round 6: Dolphins - Fri, Apr 12. 8PM.
Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Round 7: Raiders - Sat, Apr 20. 7:35PM. Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Round 8: Tigers - Sat, Apr 27. 5:30pm. Campbelltown Sports Stadium, Sydney
Round 9: Roosters - Fri, May 3. 8PM. Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Round 10: Eels - Fri, May 10. 8PM. CommBank Stadium, Sydney
Round 11: Sea Eagles - Friday, May 17. 8PM.
Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Round 12: Titans - Sunday, May 26. 2PM. Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Round 13: BYE
STATE OF ORIGIN 1: Wed, Jun 5. 8:05PM. Accor Stadium, Sydney
Round 14: Sharks - Sat, Jun 8. 7:35PM. Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Round 15: Rabbitohs - Fri, Jun 14. 8PM. Accor Stadium, Sydney
Round 16: BYE
STATE OF ORIGIN 2: Wed, Jun 26. 8:10PM. Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne
Round 17: Warriors - Sat, Jun 29. 3PM. Go Media Stadium, Auckland
Round 18: Panthers -Fri, July 5, 8PM. Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Round 19: Dragons - Sat, July 13. 7:35PM. Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
STATE OF ORIGIN 3: Wed, July 17. 8:10PM. Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Round 20: Knights - Sat, July 20. 5:30PM. McDonald Jones Stadium, Newcastle
Round 21: Bulldogs - Sat, July 27. 3PM. Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Round 22: Titans - Sat, Aug 3. 3PM. Cbus Super Stadium, Gold Coast
Round 23: Cowboys - Sat, Aug 10. 5:30PM. Queensland Country Bank Stadium, Townsville
Round 24: BYE
Round 25: Eels - Fri, Aug 23. 8PM. Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Round 26: Dolphins - Sat, Aug 31. 5:30PM. Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Round 27:Storm - Thurs, Sep 5. 7:50PM. Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane

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International Captain
Jul 28, 2016
* As has been mentioned earlier, the "Away" game at Suncorp for Magic Round was started by the Sea Eagles as a way of propping up their attendance numbers as well as gate takings. Don't blame us.
They also don't complain about the dolphins getting it as an away game... even though they will from now until forever.

Why don't they complain... because they nothing the dolphins... they aren't a threat and so they don't care.

Cows have also had a piss weak draw for like 10yrs running now... but they never complain about that... because they aren't a threat and they don't care about them. Also cows don't generate any clicks so the journos don't even bother about them... just like they don't bother with 70% of the Sydney teams, unless they're Souths, rorters or a team falling in a heap and about to sack their entire back room staff


NRL Player
Jul 28, 2023
Come on when we haven't been the punching bag people always groan about us they throw a tantrum from our team to our coach to our draw we never seem to please anyone


QCup Player
May 11, 2023
Of course. Can’t be the players aye. Always the fans missus’. Seems a few of us have been led astray in the love department since 06.
Defo not the players fault. What chance have they got hey


State of Origin Rep
Jun 30, 2020
Omg - this is the best one I've seen so far. Although now embarrassed to live in Canberra...

All teams need to be renamed!



U18 Player
May 12, 2023
I have never been more confident going into a season. So many players have now tasted the feeling of a GF.. a GF defeat at that. I have no reason to believe that we wont build on last season and go all the way


QCup Player
Feb 7, 2012
I used to have a rule, get to 20 first you win, not so sure next year - I reckon somewhere closer to 30 now.
Super Freak

Super Freak

International Captain
Forum Staff
Jan 25, 2014
That first 5 rounds could really hurt us if we don't start well.

We've got a tough Origin period.

Sharks, Warriors, Knights all on a Saturday after an Origin game. Don't count on our Origin players playing after the comments Kevvie made this year especially when we have to travel for two of those games.

Another a couple of tricky games throughout that period.


QCup Player
May 11, 2023
Definitely a tough start. But if we come out of those games in good shape it’ll set us up for the rest of the season.
Broncos Maestro

Broncos Maestro

NRL Player
May 1, 2016
Penrith are cooked next year as Mr Chin face will be too busy thinking with his little Chin-face banging his girlfriend at every opportunity. Unless they break it off before Rd1 kick off, it will (hopefully) be a distraction in his game all year long.


International Rep
Aug 25, 2018
Some trivia for you:

Since the end of Super League (1998), only two clubs have been runners-up in the Grand Final and gone on to win the following year:

Melbourne: 2006-2007*, 2008-2009*, 2016-2017 (*disqualified)
Penrith: 2020-2021

Meanwhile only one other team has made the grand final after losing it:

Roosters: 2003-2004

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