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  1. 1910

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    Courier is doing a list of the 30 biggest Broncos moments in 30 years.

    30- Bennett mass sackings.
    29- Women's team announced.
    28- Bennett sacks deputies.
    27- Wally leaves.
    26- Finals missed 2013
    25- Tallis sits out season
    24- Crushers
    23- Sailor goes to Union
    22- Lockyer moves to 6
    21- Missed finals 2010
    20- Board sacks Ivan
    19- Premiership 2000
    18- Premiership 2006
    17- Alf retires
    16- Lazarus signs
    15- 1993 Premiership
    14- Club moves to ANZ
    13- All Queensland Grand Final

    Tomorrow 12-7.
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  2. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    Which follows on from the 30 most influential Broncos in 30 years.

    30- Bernie Dawson
    29- Anthony Griffin
    28- Andrew Gee
    27- Petero Civoniceva
    26- Ross Johnston
    25- Wendell Sailor
    24- Bruno Cullen
    23- Shane Webcke
    22- Steve Renouf
    21- Kelvin Giles
    20- Chris Johns
    19- Shane Edwards
    18- Denis Watt
    17- Gorden Tallis
    16- Paul White
    15- Glenn Lazarus
    14- Kevin Walters
    13- Gene Miles
    12- Lachlan Murdoch
    11- Bernie Power
    10- Cyril Connell
    9- Darren Lockyer
    8- Wally Lewis
    7- John Ribot
    6- 3- Maranta, Morgan, Balkin and Williams
    2- Langer
    1- Bennett
  3. I would have had Kelvin Giles down the list a bit more as he changed the training and fitness culture within the club to bring it on par with the real competition contenders. He also laid down the truth to where the players were at in the mid 90's on his departure which led to changes in the playing roster.
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    This list is a load of shit. Where is Minto?
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  4. Caniffe


    31. Scott Minto
    32. 2018 Goalpost Protective Padding
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  5. badyon

    badyon QCup Player

    Crystal balling the remaining spots.

    I guess they'll list out all the premierships. With 92 being special and 98 because it was arguably our best team.

    Putting the consortium together and getting the green light to enter the ARL was a key point obviously in the clubs history.

    Our world club challenge win over Wigan in 92 set up a unique rivalry.

    A home gf in 97 was a day out to remember.

    The Panasonic cup will probably be there, but is probably rated more highly looking back all these years later. At the time it never felt a big big deal.

    The Ipswich connection cracking the top 40 singles chart will probably be under rated here.

    Our first finals win, over Manly in 1990 was an ice breaker. I still remember the CM front page the next day trumpeting ”our finest hour“. And they were right.

    The leaping Gazelle's golden point try against Melbourne in 2003. Unforgettable.

    Winning just one of our first ten games in 1999, was pretty significant, I thought. Firstly it showed us , forever after , that no matter how bad things get we can always turn it around and we are never far off the pace. We made the finals that year and won the comp the next year. That downturn also marked Alf's first departure and proved that we weren't reliant on just one player.

    But no.1 for me, has to be the first game against Manly. That was really special. That was the moment when it was like - shit , finally , it's become reality. And what a game against the premiers.

    And if not that game, then Alf leading everyone in singing "St George can't play" would be my next hope for the No1 spot.
  6. Morkel


    1. Corey Parker feigning a chicken wing in order to milk a penalty against the Storm's Adam Blair.
  7. It may not seem like a big deal but the club earned it and endured a lot of hatred during that match(much above the norm, on par with SOO when Wally played). Wally copped the worst of it, hell he even copped it down there captaining for Australia. The Broncos were booed all night, the crowd chanted wally's a wanker all night long, they threw stuff at Terry Matterson when he was attempting conversions. The Crowd booed them when accepting the Trophy and that was enough for Wally saying "Winners can Smile" when presented the Trophy. Despite the Broncos winning and Terry Matterson getting the player of the series award from Panasonic. The selectors from within the NSWRL ranks gave the man of the match award to Andy Gregory.

    To be fair Ken Arthurson apparently went into the dressing room to apologise for the crowds behaviour. The Broncos returned to red hill to celebrate and when the players got on stage and Wally said "And to all of those people who booed us down there all night long they can kiss our" (they all turned around including Bennett and pointed to their ass). The media got into a frenzy and down south there were calls for the Broncos to be kicked out of the competition, which was becoming a regular fashion.

    They were always going to hate a Brisbane side but having Wally in it just increased it 10 fold.

    So yes, it was a big deal, a giant up yours to the haters.
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  8. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    Biggest moments continued

    12- Beer dispute at Lang Park
    11- Return to Lang Park
    10- 1998 Premiership
    9- Bennett back
    8- Maranta Consortium wins
    7- First game 1988
  9. Lol, ha ha ha number 29. Rrrriiigggghhhhtttttt
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  10. I agree with your line of thought here. But, perhaps, for the average female fan, they see that as much bigger than what we do.
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  11. Our comeback in 2006 to win the premiership against a team that were over the cap and were clear favourites to flog us.
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  12. Allo

    Allo NRL Player

    I think it’s more notable for the women’s game as a whole, not necessarily just the club. But laughing at it is a bit over the top (I know it wasn’t you), it’s an arbitrary list, and imo the club hasn’t been doing a lot of promoting the team, even if it is only a trial this weekend
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  13. mitch222

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    Opening our high performance centre would have to be held in high regard surely.
    Wally signing on with the club will be number 1. It legitimised us from the beginning but Bennett signing might be there too.
  14. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    I'm not sure how a GF we lost and haven't been able to really recover from is a bigger moment than 3 we actually won.
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  15. mrslong

    mrslong State of Origin Rep

    Not really. Bit of a token thing imo. I'm glad they've got a women's team, that's great. But is it worthy of being on this list? Yeah, nah. Maybe give it 5 years and see how the league progresses before starting to crow about it's awesomeness.
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  16. mrslong

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    Defeating Fittler in 2000 was huge, as was the 2006 grand final. We were really against it, a massive achievement that year. Should be 1 - 6 the premierships.
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  17. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    Yeah, this is far and away our finest moment. We had no business winning the comp that year, and that was before we beat the team that was cheating.
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  18. It's symptomatic of the modern era. The first woman to play first grade would be a worthy addition but what do I know.
    No, I was deliberately over the top just as the notion that a womens game is anything but tokenism. It is over the top to think that putting on a 4 round amateur hour comp for women qualifies anywhere in the the top 30 moments. It would be if a competition had run for years, had more than a dozen teams and lower grades, was self sustaining with it's own life and administration and THEN the Broncos decided to enter it's team and be the moment the Bronco's had THEIR team.
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