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Who is player of Round Three? (Pick 3)

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@Staff, might want to change the round number of the poll title hahahaha

That's what happens when you forget to do it and you're trying to do a rush job on your phone at half time.
This is a tough one.

It was a rubbish first half from almost everyone, but several players made up for that in the second half.

3 - Walsh
2 - Reynolds
1 - Haas

Last point was a toss up between Haas and Staggs.
I have to agree with everyone, as one of Riki’s critics he has been really solid so far this season. Last night was one of his best and he’s currently out performing Capewell (even though he may not display quite the same class).
Surprised Staggs didn't even get a point...

  • Broncos v Dragons: 5 - Adam Reynolds; 3 - Payne Haas; 2 - Thomas Flegler; 1 - Reece Walsh; 1 - Patrick Carrigan.
15 minutes until the poll closes.
Voting is closed and with a total of 63 votes (86.3%), BHQ's Man of the Match for Round 3 is Payne Haas.


Kotoni Staggs coming second with 51 votes (69.9%), and Adam Reynolds coming third with 43 votes (58.9%).


1. Payne Haas117
2. Adam Reynolds108
3. Reece Walsh100
4. Ezra Mam86
5. Herbie Farnworth80
6. Kotoni Staggs57
7. Patrick Carrigan34
8. Jordan Riki13
9. Jesse Arthars8
10. Corey Jensen7
11. Corey Oates6
12. Cory Paix6
13. Thomas Flegler6
14. Martin Taupau4
15. Billy Walters3
16. Selwyn Cobbo3
17. Keenan Palasia2
18. Kurt Capewell2


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