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Hodgo boxing Jordan Simi from YKTR this Wednesday, it really sucks watching my favourite player head into a sport he has no business in - I really hope for his sake he doesn’t get the matchup with Gallen that he’s chasing. He looked more than sloppy against an off the couch Hannant.

I think Simi will be too fit and fast for him come Wednesday night, but I hope I’m wrong.
Well, he got the win!

I love you Hodgo but retire on a win mate, you couldn’t knock out a YouTuber with no experience but want to “Knockout” Gal who went 11.5 rounds with Huni,before finally going down.

You have to think he’s chasing the pay day but surely it’s not worth the damage.
The fucking chin on Ben Horn, deadset.
Absurd fight, Horn copped about 150 shots and nearly bloody won it at the end.

Queensland spirit is real!

When he rocked him in the last I thought he had him. That right that sent Nikita's head back...boom. Looked a total mismatch for most of the fight, credit to Horn for absorbing all of that.
Surely hodges doesn't actually fight gallen. His fight last night was 4 x 2 minute rounds in which the first round they did nothing but dance, the next three they would throw about 5 punches each then clinch for 45 seconds. The ref was physically pulling them apart and yelling at them to seperate and they just wouldn't. I thought he was going to just disqualify them both it was so bad.

Come the end of round 4 they were both totally gassed literally couldn't throw another punch. No way in hell should Gallen and Hodges fight.

I know nothing about boxing but he was so sloppy and didn't look anything like the other genuine figters on the card. I wonder how boxing people feel about guys like hodges using the sport for a cash grab but doing nothing to increase the quality of the sport.
That was so good to see, that has to be one of the best comeback victories of all time considering everything on the line!
Anyone got a stream for the Gallen fight tonight? With him fighting two we might finally get to see him knocked out. They should have got Nate in!!!
How did Hodges even get this fight…
Gallen makes no secret he is a prize fighter . Taking fights that create public interest or in this case a gimmick against Qlders.
Hodgo rates his right hand but can't box for shit and Hannant is worse.
Unless Hannant goes first and wears him down I can't see Hodgo beating him.
I can't believe I'm posting this but I almost hope Hodgo gets knocked out as much as I hope Gallen does. He is a bit if a dick.

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