NEWS Brisbane's Fijian recruit Vudogo following Radradra path

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    Brisbane's Fijian recruit Vudogo following Radradra path

    Joel Reporter
    Wed 6 Feb 2019, 07:01 PM
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    New Brisbane signing Ilikena Vudogo has followed the same pathway to the NRL as Fijian flyer Semi Radradra and is now training with the club after signing a two-year deal.
    The 20-year-old speedster starred for Fiji at last year’s World Rugby Under 20s Trophy in Romania where he was named player of the tournament following a string of scintillating displays at outside centre.
    He was drafted into the Fijian sevens senior squad and was earmarked to make his debut in this year’s tournament before the Broncos pounced.
    Vudogo is managed by George Christodoulou, who has had great success helping talented Fijians into the NRL, including Viliame Kikau, Suliasi Vunivalu and Radradra, who is now playing rugby with Toulon.
    Christodoulou identified Vudogo at Romania where he helped Fiji win the tournament.
    "He was player of the tournament and from there they drafted him into the senior Fijian sevens squad," Christodoulou told
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    "These players often come from remote villages and don’t have access to electricity and running water … the common luxuries that we take for granted they haven’t got.
    "It is the initial six or 12 months that is the key, where you transition them into a new way of life and put the right support network around them."
    The Broncos have done exactly that with Vudogo who is staying at a club welfare officer’s home after last week flying in from Fiji, where he was living on the main island with his uncle.
    Former Eels winger Semi Radradra.©NRL Photos
    Vudogo, who is one of Brisbane's six development-list players, has been assigned to Broncos affiliate club Souths-Logan where he is likely to start playing in the BRL competition with a view to progressing to the Intrust Super Cup.
    There are high hopes for him although the Broncos are treating the next two years as development seasons.
    "It is a big challenge football-wise and lifestyle-wise too, but it is also an exciting challenge for us and something we’ve been doing for six or seven years and that we’ve had good success with," Christodoulou said.

  2. Gaz

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    Does this mean after we make him a superstar he'll **** off to French union.
  3. Tom

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    Could they not have included a picture of him?? They went with one of Radradra instead?
  4. Lockysillegitimatechild

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    Sounds very promising, mainly due to the unbelievable track record of the the fijians George Christodoulou has recruited in the past, but it's still only a 50/50 chance of working. But I still really like the fact they are trying it.
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  5. Gaz

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  6. mitch222

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    Get him in your new team for the week @Kyall@Kyall
  7. Kyall will dump Roberts for him.
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    It’s little wonder he got player of the tournament; looks like he’s playing against the women’s team.
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  9. Nah, Macca dumped, Roberts to hooker
  10. Kyall

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    Nah he does need at least 1 year in ISC.
  11. Or at least have seen a few games of ISC.
  12. Sproj


    Kyall’s round 1 XVII:

    1. Niu
    2. Fijian Dude
    3. Perese
    4. Staggs
    5. Isaako
    6. Milford
    7. Dreardon
    8. Lodge
    9. Roberts
    10. Haas
    11. Oates
    12. Fifita
    13. Su’A

    14. KNik
    15. Joffa
    16. Carrigan
    17. Flegler
  13. Kyall

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    That actually doesn’t look too bad.
  14. Alec

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    965. Glenn
  15. Viti

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    I may be a bit oblivious here, but who’s Roberts?
  16. Alec

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    Jimmy Qantas the Jet
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