NEWS Broncos blueprint to end eight-year Storm hoodoo


Brisbane will use the template from 2023's dominant semi-final win over Melbourne in a bid to end an eight-year losing streak at AAMI Park.

Corey Oates is the Broncos' only survivor from their 26-16 victory at the Melbourne venue in August 2016: back then Corey Parker was the Brisbane skipper and Cameron Smith led the Storm.

The Broncos lost their next 14 games against the Storm before last year's compelling 26-0 finals win at Suncorp Stadium, in which the Brisbane forwards bashed their Melbourne counterparts.

It was one of the best displays by a Broncos pack in recent times.

Lock Pat Carrigan had a bust-up with Melbourne hooker Harry Grant early and then walloped his Storm opposite number Josh King to set the scene for what was to follow.

Broncos back-rower Jordan Riki had his best game for the club in a powerhouse defensive performance.

Fullback Tristan Sailor, who didn't play in last year's finals win, said that Suncorp performance was "definitely" the blueprint for ending Brisbane's away issues with the Storm when the teams go head-to-head on Thursday.

"I was in the dugout watching them and the boys just went to another level in finals footy," Sailor said.

"That's what happens when we focus on doing our job. Our defence is a big focus again against Melbourne.

"They are so systematic and structured ... a fantastic football team.

"With our middles we have Patty (Carrigan) leading and a great back five who can carry the ball.

"Us getting on the front foot and the middles doing their defensive work has always worked."

Sailor has never played the Storm away. He did line up in the final-round game last year in Brisbane when both teams rested players and Melbourne won 32-22.

He quashed suggestions the Broncos carry baggage from their previous defeats at AAMI Park.

"I don't (have any mental scars). We are a new team. We don't really think too much about it," Sailor said.

"I have never played down in Melbourne and am very excited to do it."

While Sailor said the past would not impact Brisbane, he said former players were assisting the team in getting their defensive structure rock solid.

Ex-Broncos forward Josh Maguire was at training on Monday working on the team's defensive drills, while club great Darius Boyd is part of the coaching staff and assists the outside backs with their defensive positioning.

"Moose (Maguire) is so experienced," Sailor said.

"Like Darius, he played recently. They understand how the game has quickened up and there are lots of subtleties.

"Moose is helping us work on the little things that can improve our game."

Canberra Times
Moose was one of the best. Glad he is in the fray at the Broncos helping out our younger forwards!
I think I read an article a while ago, where he kind of realized what a dickhead he's been. The thing most of us go through in our 20's.
Look the fact is he gave himself the nickname The Big Show.

That's all that needs to be said with McGuire. Plus that awful eye injury.
Absolute guarantee Coates will score or set up a try from a kick in this one. Always seems to happen.
im hoping he gets caught off his wing and they score with that confused stupid look on his face! Just kidding, deep down I love Coates, just cant believe he ditched us for the storm...
im hoping he gets caught off his wing and they score with that confused stupid look on his face! Just kidding, deep down I love Coates, just cant believe he ditched us for the storm...
If he does Mariner better be ready this time for the Reynolds or Sailor kick in behind the line.
I'm sure Reynolds would of had a talk to him throughout the week about missing it last game.

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