PLAYER Selwyn Cobbo

That letting the ball bounce was bad but the rest of the game he was solid took alot of tough carries.
Yeah the bombed try was solid as ****.

He does some good things but boy, does he do some dumb shit. Isaako Mk II with a higher ceiling.

I still sit on the fence regarding this boy. He *can* be a star. I don't know if he *will*. He is also still 20yo or whatever, so plenty of time to grow up. I just dunno.
Young player does some dumb shit every now and then, amongst some top quality shit. He also has taken some tough carriers each game.

Just like Walsh and Ez have moments of overplaying and thinking every play needs to be a try.

Its a team of young blokes, and we haven't yet lost this season.

Lets not do stuff like this.

Edit: lets not forget Arthars bombed a certain try, and decided to ignore Reyno on 5th and grubber for himself 5m out which nearly led to a hammer break down field either. Its not like only Cobbo has had poor moments.
He just needs to improve his concentration, I think.

As with any young player, they're prone to brain fades and do all sorts of stupid crap. I had no words when he just let that kick bounce.

If he can just stay focused for 80 minutes, he'll be sweet. Sometimes I think he still doesn't believe he's out there playing NRL for the Broncs.
Yea, players are allowed to have a bad game. We won and we're topnof the ladder! They all know they didn't have the best game, they'll learn from it.
Bad game? He is having a bad season so far and his bad games are starting to out number his good.

He fucking sucks. Fat, lazy and a halfwit. The club needed to show some backbone and sack him over the podcast shit.
Ok I tried ... but I can't keep out of this thread anymore.

Cobbo tonight had 18 runs for 171m with 48 post contact metre and 6 tackle breaks.

if that's him being LAZY ... then watch out when he starts putting in some effort

EDIT ... which is more than either Haas or Patty BTW
Can we just go 1 day without hating on our own players after a win...
The simpsons ralph wiggum

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