NEWS Broncos don't need Walker as future No.7: Reynolds


Brisbane captain Adam Reynolds insists the club has enough playmaking talent to resist making a move for Sydney Roosters prodigy Sam Walker.

Generational talent Walker, 21, was in the Broncos system before linking with the Roosters.

He was at his brilliant best in the 60-18 win over St George Illawarra last week and won the Anzac Medal as man of the match.

After the game he said he was keen to stay at the Roosters beyond the expiry of his current deal at the end of 2025.

Walker and Reynolds will do battle at Suncorp Stadium when their sides clash on Friday night.

The retirement of Roosters champion five-eighth Luke Keary at the end of this season will make Walker a priority re-signing for the Tricolours, and a target for every other club in the NRL on November 1.

Reynolds, 33, recently re-signed until the end of 2025 but can't go on forever.

The Broncos have half Jock Madden on the books until the end of 2026. Teenager Coby Black, signed until the end of this year, is a playmaker the Broncos intend to wrap up long-term after coming through their prestigious academy.

The Broncos could be tempted to make a play for Walker, regarded as the heir apparent to Daly Cherry-Evans in the Queensland side, but Reynolds said they don't need to.

"We have got enough quality here," Reynolds said.

"Jock Madden has done a fantastic job of stepping up in my absence and we have got young Coby Black there as well.

"We have got (No.6) Ezra Mam, and (fullback) Reece Walsh who can play in the halves. It is pretty clear that Sam is happy down there at the Roosters.

"We should stick to what we have. We have some great young talent coming through here at the Broncos.

"(Walker) was a kid in that system. They are always coming through."

Reynolds has a high opinion of Walker and said his best was still to come.

"He has certainly got the world at his feet," Reynolds said.

"He is a talented kid and showed that on (Anzac Day). It is not his best game. He has played better than that and has been in some big moments for that club and delivered.

"In a blowout game, to say it was his best is hard.

"In tight contests when they have been down by four or six and he has done something to get them back in the game, that is what I see as more important."

Canberra Times


International Captain
Jan 25, 2013
"Generational talent"? I hope that's their clumsy way of saying he is the next generation of previous NRL players. Because he is not anywhere near a "once in a generation player" which is the other description they may be meaning.
The Strapper

The Strapper

NRL Player
Apr 21, 2015
Doubt we could fit him in our cap now anyway.
The rorters are losing a lot of quality players next season so he is one player they will likely pull out all stops to keep. He is worth more to them next season than he would be to most other clubs.


State of Origin Rep
Dec 4, 2013
History has shown that he’ll put a few good games together, get targeted in defence by good sides, lose his confidence, and then get dropped completely for weeks.

He hasn’t even proven that he’s physically up to playing nrl week in week out. I have no idea how he’s still sub-80kg (according to his player profile on the rorters website) when he’s been training as a professional athlete for years now.


QCup Player
Aug 24, 2022
A hard NO for mine. He’s the sort of bloke who wants everything to be going their way. Doesn't fit our ‘culture’.
The Rotters can have him for life.

Man, the media these days doesn't disappoint with the choice of words/phrases to create something out of nothing. Utter garbage.
Mr Fourex

Mr Fourex

State of Origin Captain
Apr 9, 2012
Man, the media these days doesn't disappoint with the choice of words/phrases to create something out of nothing. Utter garbage.

I'm even dubious about the Arey "quotes" TBH......

Good on him though if he did, he's supporting the blokes around him.
Walker did leave us after all......

Its fine to be slapping Jock's meat right now,
but....was last game a one in a lifetime for him?

His history to date would suggest so.

Sam Walker comes with a much higher ceiling than Jock Madden.......
Bucking Beads

Bucking Beads

International Captain
Mar 5, 2008
It still annoys me that we didn’t keep Walker around when we had the chance. He’s a really good footballer but i think we need a more conservative half to guide the team around while Ezra and Reece light it up.


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