NEWS Broncos maestro Reynolds set for air raid on Storm


Brisbane captain Adam Reynolds kicked North Queensland to death last week and will aim for a similar result against Melbourne.

The Broncos travel to AAMI Park on Thursday night to tackle the Storm after seven consecutive losses at the venue stretching back to 2016.

Reynolds terrorised the Cowboys' back three of Scott Drinkwater, Murray Taulagi and Kyle Feldt in the 38-12 win at a rainy Suncorp Stadium on Friday night.

Three dropped floating bombs by Reynolds led to either tries or penalty goals soon afterwards.

The Broncos maestro was equally as proficient with his grubber kicks, with two pinpoint displays leading to tries for Kotoni Staggs and Corey Oates.

Reynolds grew up in the back streets of Redfern kicking balls at garbage bins and power poles. He has spent a lifetime honing his craft. Practice and muscle memory kick in during games and he makes the difficult look easy.

Broncos fullback Tristan Sailor said nothing would change against the Storm.

Melbourne have giant wingers Will Warbrick and Xavier Coates who are good in the air, as is star fullback Ryan Papenhuyzen.

"They are all good under the high ball, so we are going to focus on our kick-chase and putting pressure on with that," Sailor said.

"Then with Reyno putting up the bombs, hopefully we can force some errors. If not we have to keep connected because their back three are very good and we are definitely wary of that.

"Any time a fullback sees floating torpedoes going up it is not what you want to see, but I am very grateful to be on Reyno's team with that.

"He has been doing it for a long time.

"It is something all the good halves have in their kitbag. Nathan Cleary has been doing it for a while (for Penrith), and (Canterbury's) Matty Burton puts those big ones up.

"Any time they go up there is a chance they will drop it."

Brisbane prop Pat Carrigan sympathised with Drinkwater and the Cowboys wingers on a difficult night for bomb disposal.

"He can whack up some curlers," Carrigan said of Reynolds.

"Honestly, I felt sorry for Drinky because I was running down on the kick-offs and kick-chases and the water was smashing me in the face.

"So don't sign me up to catch those bombs, but Reyno's a big part of this team and what we do and we love him."

Canberra Times
As long as he doesn't do that Milford shit he has been doing a bit this year with the Midfield bombs.

Melbourne almost exclusively kick bombs themselves so I expect alot of flukey tries this week.
Put em under Warbrick all game.


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