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Broncos to unleash their own “Bulldog”
Jake Turpin on Canterbury

Chris Honnery,
The Courier-Mail
2 minutes ago

The Broncos are ready to let their own “Bulldog” off the leash on Saturday night as they welcome back halfback Jake Turpin from suspension. Anthony Seibold has named Turpin at halfback for their clash with the Bulldogs at ANZ Stadium in what will be their final regular season game before a likely finals berth. Enforcer Joe Ofahenague was again omitted after suffering a minor calf injury during training last week.

Jake Turpin will give the Broncos extra bite. Photo: Dan Peled

Jake Turpin will give the Broncos extra bite. Photo: Dan Peled

much-needed energy

Tackle-breaking machine Izaia Perese has also been named to play just his second NRL game after Seibold pitchforked the 22-year-old outside back into his side. The former Queensland Reds star played six minutes in his NRL debut against the Panthers in Round 22 and will be used as cover off the interchange bench in Saturday’s match. Turpin has made the No.7 jersey his own at Red Hill since filling in for the injured Tom Dearden and his teammates believe he will add some much-needed energy to the side heading into the finals.

Rookie Izaia Perese will get a shot to do some damage. Photo: AAP Image/Dan Peled

Rookie Izaia Perese will get a shot to do some damage. Photo: AAP Image/Dan Peled


Nicknamed “Bulldog” for his small stature but aggressive defence, Turpin has helped the side win five of his past seven games with the club. Broncos hooker Andrew McCullough said the 22-year-old Ipswich junior was well rested from his two week suspension but was raring to get back onto the field. “Turps will bring plenty of energy and he’s been well rested so it should be pretty good,” McCullough said. “Sean (O’Sullivan) did a tremendous job in there (filling in for Turpin). “He came down here and did a great job. It’s one of those tough decisions I’m glad I don’t have to make.”

welcomed boost

Red Hill’s field goal specialist Jamayne Isaako said Turpin’s energy will be a welcomed boost going into the finals next week.

Can Broncos go back to back?

geed up

“We call him the pit bull and the bulldog just because he’s so aggressive in defence,” Isaako said. “The aggression that he brings just lifts the teams’ spirits when we’re down. Just the energy that he brings in defence gives us a big hit. “When you’re in tough games like that, when someone makes a big hit it certainly lifts the teams’ spirits and gets the boys geed up.

giving it to some of the boys

“The energy that he brings to the team is going to be crucial. “You could even see on the pads after training he was giving it to some of the Renegades boys.”



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Hang on 3 weeks ago it was pitbull wasn't it? Ya gotta choose 1
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Dazza 92

QCup Player
yep...great to have him back..........................BUT IN THE NUMBER 9 THANKS SIEBS...

Seriously, read the article again, its exactly what you want from a modern NRL hooker....and we play him in the halves..!

Writings on the wall for Seggy, so Christ sake make the obvious move now and drop him for Turps. Its only exactly whats gunnas happen next year anyway....
- Merged

.....youll see what i eman when we watch Foran ply his trade against us......then you'll see the follie of what we are doing here....
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Seibs knows he is best at 9. He is just trying to work with a difficult situation we have at the moment with our mix of spine players.
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