-NEWS- Crash Tackle: Sad Inescapable Truth for Boyd (extract)

Hoof Hearted

NYC Player
I think the big problem with darbs is that he doesn’t really have any opportunities to move onto post football. Corey Parker and Sam Thaiday grabbed onto media jobs but darbs doesn’t really have the personality to shift into that sort of role. Hence he will hang onto what he knows best for the time being instead of learning a new trade. Please someone offer him a job or training off the paddock. 👍
After watching Seibold on NRL 360 a few nights ago, he did make it sound as if Boyd is only at 5/8 temporarily.

"Best we have at the moment" gives me confidence that with a proper Seibold pre-season we will see someone else in the halves next year. He could go back to fullback or centres, who knows. But I definately think Seibs knows that we can't have Boyd in the halves permanently.
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Purple Pills

QCup Player
Seibs said last night that Boyd is there until SOS or Dearden are back. Basically the direct opposite of what you are claiming.
I’ll believe it when I see it. I can’t see Seibold throwing Milford back into the halves now when the whole reason he was moved to 1 was to get Boyd out of fullback.

So when one of our halves comes back, unless Seibold is going to try the last resort and put Darius at left centre, he either is going to have keep him at 6 or he will have to drop him altogether which not one person at the club has the balls to do.

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