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I was hoping Man United would keep them to 0. Chelsea finally score. Good strike from Felix.
Garnacho denied twice.

Both shots would have went in if they weren't deflected.
Fucking great game.

Despite the 2-0 lead, it looked a bit shaky for Man United in that first half. Chelsea were creating plenty of chances. But Man United went up a gear in that second half and just blew Chelsea away.

Top 4 finish secured.
There's a prediction going around that based on the pot Man United will be in for Champions League, they will likely have Real Sociedad, PSG and AC Milan in their group.

That's a pretty tough group.
Antony set to be ruled out for Man United's remaining two games.

That's a blow. It means Sancho remains on the wing.
anyone watching the Dortmund game, if they win the win the league currently on foxtel, Bein sports 2
Here's an interesting stat of winning coaches in the Champions League from 2016.

2016 - Real Madrid - French coach
2017 - Real Madrid - French coach
2018 - Real Madrid - French coach
2019 - Liverpool - German coach
2020 - Bayern Munich - German coach
2021 - Chelsea - German coach
2022 - Real Madrid - Italian coach

2023 - Inter Milan have made it to the final and have an Italian coach...
Tune in and Man United are down 1-0.

I don't think Man United are going to be too worried about this game. Top 4 is already secured.
And that's a good way to finish off the Premier League season.

Good win. Man United finish 3rd.

Now just one more game. The FA Cup Final.

Man City lost to Brentford. I'd say they have their focus on the treble.
The penalty save from De Gea was a fucking huge moment in the game.

Fulham were looking good up until that point, it was a turning point for Man United. It gave them the wake up call they needed and from that point on, they were the better side and were peppering Fulham's goal. Unlucky not to score more than 2 goals. Fucking Weghorst had a golden chance given to him and he sprays it wide.

Leicester wins it 6 years ago and now gets relegated.

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