Favourite Origin 3 moments



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Sep 25, 2011
Just want to list my favourite moments - there were quite a few to choose from.

I think like mentioned in another thread, the Farah stuff up would have to be at the top, but closely behind it:

1. Cronk tackle on T-Rex (few of them) - when T-Rex saw Cronk infront of him he wound right up only to be tackled.
2. Smith hit on Creagh (WHAT A BEAUTY! Most fired up I am seen Smith in a while?) -This one just sticks in my head.
3. NSW miss at drop goal
4. Inglis swatting flies
5. Thurston saving Parker from one of the biggest stuff ups in Origin history (Parker wouldn't have deserved it, he was almost best man on the field in my opinion)

More are springing to mind, there are just so many!
1. Beau Scott gifting Justin Hodges a free pass to the line.
Parker's offloads setting up the Thurston try
Cameron Smith's shoulder charge on Creagh
Cronk's field goal
Greg Inglis palming off defenders
Hodges Try
That try saver on Inglis from one of the Morris bros
Josh Morris try

Thats from what i can remember.
1. Brett Stewart scores a try and just turns and gets on with the job. No celebrations, no nonsense. Love that attitude.
2. Carney chips for Hayne in the kind of daring play the team should've used more often. Hayne gets hurt, but immediately gets up and plays the ball in severe pain.
3. The Creagh Identity. Ben Creagh gets knocked out, and when he wakes up he has forgotten he is Ben Creagh and starts playing well.
4. Super Morris Brothers. Is there a third Morris that we can put in the side? Those guys were fantastic.
Brent Tate taking on Bird & Gallen.

Cronk's deja vu field goal. Good to be on the winning side this time. Heh.
Robbie Farrah dropped ball.. Was great to see him blow up.
I loved how vocal the crowd was. I'm not sure if it was easily picked up on TV, but it was deafening at stages actually being in the stands. Some of the QLDer chants that got started when QLD needed a lift were awesome. The singing of the national anthem was also another highlight.
Inglis gesturing to the crowd to be louder.
The pain the in the voice of the commentators after Cronk's field goal.
The crowd singing the national anthem on Wednesday night was beautiful
GI pumping up the crowd
the roar from the crowd for Cronks field goal ( I knew it was good by the crowds reaction)
Farah chucking a tanty
Gallen having a sulk after the game
The massive roar when petro lifted the shield
Inglis gesturing to the crowd to be louder.

Before the drop out? Almost certain that was Thurston... Either way it was great stuff. The Caxton St end of the stadium clearly responded.

I actually thought the atmosphere was slightly down on last year's decider. Mind you I was at the Milton Road end when Qld scored their four first half tries in last year 's decider and the roar was ferocious.

Last Wednesday there wasn't much pop in my area (3rd tier North Eastern corner) when Cronk kicked that field goal which surprised me. My mates and I made enough noise to make up for everyone else either way.
On TV they only showed GI raising his arm motioning for the crowd support.

Either way, awesome moment.
Before the drop out? Almost certain that was Thurston... Either way it was great stuff.

Inglis definitely did it, although im sure thurston did it at some stage too as he seems to every year.
Forgot to mention that my most favorite moment was when nsw lost
Robbie Farah getting concussed.

Tate punching Bird. Wish he did a proper job.

GI dominating everyone in his path, especially Carney.

Robbie Farah too busy whinging and dropping the ball.

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