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He poured a drink over Anderson lol he deserves a medal
He poured a drink over Anderson lol he deserves a medal
You can understand why so much shit goes down when they all get on the piss. Imagine Root blind as walking around thinking he owns the joint, Broad mouthing off at everyone, Anderson hitting on your missus, Stokes out the front bunching the living day lights out of the town drunks
Indi get 81 home games between 2019-2023 if only the Aussies got that sort of treatment we might be number 1 in the world
Just went down the cricket video YouTube rabbit hole, lost a good hour or so.

Always find myself re-watching Clarke's 329*, Hayden's 380 & Lara's 400*

Still think Clarke's 329* is my favourite of those innings.
My favourite ever session of test cricket was when Haydos and Symmo went to town on the Poms in THAT Ashes series where Symmo cracked a huge ton and has hat iconic image of him jumping into Haydos's arms when he gets there. They were just absolutely brutal.
The simmo and punter rescue mission in a ODI final is a good one as well
In terms of bowling ones I always re-watch to get those chills, nothing beats Clarke's 3fa in the 2nd last over to beat India. Siddle's hat-trick is great as well.

Pretty crazy that my 2 favourite re-watches in recent history of cricket have both been Michael Clarke. I guess he's my favourite player. :notsureifserious:
Lol just rewatched the Clarke 3 for. Fucking Sharma and the 2 right handed gloves bullshit
There are a few minutes I could watch over and over again:

- S.Waugh's last ball ton when he was basically too old and past it.
- Taylor's soccer catch.
- Anything Boon related in the field at short leg, silly point.
- Anything Warne did with the cricket ball
- Flemming in full swing mode.
- Lee in ODIs
- THAT summer from MJ
- Anything Hayden
- Anything Hayden and Gilchrist, especially that time they chased down England's team hundred in about ten overs before 20/20 became a thing
- Haydos and Simmo destroying England
- McGrath just doing his thing
- Gilchrist and Langer's win against Pakistan
- McGrath and Dale's classic catches
- Border staring down the opposition and willing his team on
- Hussey and Bevan at the death
- Tait at full pace
- Starc, Wasim bending balls around corners
- THAT ring field of Ponting, Symmo, Huss and Clarke, they were just epic fielders
- Smith with the bat in any format, he looks ungainly but you watch him at the moment of impact, he is technically sound as anyone I've ever seen
- Ponting's in-the-mood innings.
- Warner at full flight
- so many more

International plays I love to watch:

- Shoaib - what a showman when he wanted to be
- Afridi - those rare occasions he put it together was just monstrous
- Bangladesh beating England
- Steyn / Walsh / Ambrose / Bond - that kind of pace bowling is just terrifyingly beautiful
Speaking of Afridi, this is still my favourite 6 ever, listen to that sound, my god..

Harvey is the only one of that list I didn’t see play extensively so I can’t comment on him.
I didn't see any of Harvey, Trumper Chappell or Bradman but the rest I have, though the end of Border's career.

From that list (and those I've seen) though, you could make an amazing top six that in my opinion would read:

1. Hayden
2. Warner / Langer
3. Ponting
4. Smith
5. G.Chappell
6. S.Waugh
7. Gilchrist

Sorry to Clarkey, he was one of the most elegant players to watch but the pure relentlessness and game-changing of the others on this list are just too good to ignore. mind you, I do think Clarke could have opened.
I always think about hypothetical teams in my head, who would your test team be from the last ~20 or so years @Sproj, any country, not so much from a winning perspective, just most enjoyable players to watch.

1. Matthew Hayden
2. Virender Sehwag
3. Kumar Sangakkara
4. Steve Smith
5. Brian Lara
6. Jacques Kallis
7. Adam Gilchrist (wk)
8. Shane Warne
9. Wasim Akram
10. Dale Steyn
11. Shoaib Akhtar
@Unbreakable, couldn't go wrong with that side, I'll tell you that. If you take Aussies out, I'd go something like:

1. Cook (He has been a shadow of himself the last few years sadly)
2. Sehwag (Definitely)
3. Kallis (I feel he has been massively underrated over the years)
4. Sangakkarra / Kohli
5. Tendulkar
6. Lara
7. De Villiers (wk)
8. Akram
9. Murali
10. Steyn
11. Bond

12. Jones (Left field but like Bond, without all those injuries, he could have been a great)
997 runs at 49
Four 100's
HS: 123.

1128 runs at 50.85
Five 100's
HS: 199

1140 runs at 67
Four 100's
HS 202

1305 runs at 76
Six 100's
HS: 239

1059 runs at 75
Five 100's
HS 243

Al Hassan (All rounder)
665 runs at 47
29 wickets at 33

Rahim (keeper)
766 runs at 54
12 catches and 2 stumping. (I wanted to reward two 100's and just being a tough little keeper)

63 wickets at 23

57 wickets at 20

39 wickets at 23

55 wickets at 17

Jadeja is my 12th man.
54 wickets at 23
328 runs at 41

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