Growing to really like this coach change..

Discussion in 'Brisbane Broncos Talk' started by badyon, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. badyon

    badyon QCup Player

    First - it was the Harvard graduate, tactical periodisation wankfest. And I was on the fence, possilby even leaning against it a bit.

    Then - it was the reports that Seibs had organised an innovative trip out to the AIS for the rabbits and how WB has now moved in and scuttled all this new age horse--shit. And I was, at least, curious as to what Seibs was doing.

    Then - it was reports from Lodge, and others, how they were loving ball skills training pre-xmas. Something WB never does.

    Then - it was something about cranking up the loud music, channeling Pete Carrol, and cranking up testosterone levels in young red blooded males, training at a faster pace than you play at, and I'm like - okay let's see where this goes.

    Now - it's just - ok let's just casually send our core spine down to North Melbourne VFL (or whatever the **** it is they play down there) and immerse them in kicking the fuark out of the footy... something Cooper Cronk has been doing on the regular - but you never hear Bronx doing it --- and I am just ---- really loving where this is going...
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  2. holdzy89

    holdzy89 NRL Captain

    Exciting times indeed. Two things we need imo: the brick wall defence of 2015, and our halves playing with confidence. Attitudes the coach can instill.
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  3. All on track for a great 2019 season I believe
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  4. Jedhead

    Jedhead NRL Player

    My 2019 game plan- Defence wins games.
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  5. Marty Deutschmann

    Marty Deutschmann NRL Player

    2019 game plan. New versions, shapes and forms of attacking football. Attacking in defence, dictating play and controlling the narrative of what opposition do to you. Attack is the key in all aspects of winning.
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  6. Jedhead

    Jedhead NRL Player

    I'm sure that might be Sieb's plans, but mine is a tad more simple Marty.
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  7. Marty Deutschmann

    Marty Deutschmann NRL Player

    Simple doesn't win premierships
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  8. I just want to see us dictate terms. #kingwallyforever
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  9. Marty Deutschmann

    Marty Deutschmann NRL Player

  10. Wal is widely known for repeatedly opining about teams’ need to ‘dictate terms.’

    He has said it so frequently, it has become a meme...
  11. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    I agree, but don't expect it in the first few rounds. With the Storm and the Cowboys up front, win or lose they're both gonna be high scoring games. We could be 2 from 2 but only have a +6 F/A
  12. Pub Steak

    Pub Steak NYC Player

    I was at first also a tad skeptical. Now I’m excited. But because of that I’m felling a bit anxious because this much media hype up and feeling of being a really well prepared team of superstars makes me think we are on target for a big bubble pop. Really hope we blow Melbourne off the park and that all the new training pays off. I just want the season to start so I can be put out of my misery.
  13. Mister Wright

    Mister Wright NRL Player

    I’d Just be happy to play against Melbourne and still be a chance of winning with 10
    Mins to go. I also would love for us to be comfortably ahead of the Cowboys in NQ and not give up the lead. Apart from those 2 things a premiership would also be nice.
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  14. Jedhead

    Jedhead NRL Player

    Only four* more sleeps to go before our first trial game yipee!!!

    *(If you're a crack-cocaine addict)
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  15. You dick :P I got excited.

    When is our first trial game BHQ peeps? I want some Broncos games dammit. **** the off season.
  16. Funnily enough, my memory has it that we are regularly in with a chance against Melbourne with 10 (or 15) to go - it's just the last 10 they run in 20 points.
  17. Broncapz

    Broncapz QCup Player

    I want us to blow Melbourne out of the water. So sick of their shit. Them and the cowboys are our premiership cockblocks. Actually never been more confidant going into a Melbourne for over a decade.
  18. Alec

    Alec International Rep

    If we blow the Cowboys out of the water, they'd probably thank us for it.
  19. [​IMG]
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  20. Allo

    Allo NRL Captain

    We generally always play better at AAMI too. However, should we not win, I don't want them to put 3 tries on in the last 10 mins like they always seem to
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