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Answer as many as u like , more detail the better the response
1. What are the biggest changes that need to be made from last season?
Promote Macca into a non-playing role. Effectively immediately. Support play, particularly around the spine. If there aren't players glued to either side of the ball carrier and kicks, something is still really wrong with the coaching. In which case the change would be to sack the coach. Yep, I'm saying that.

2. Should Darius Boyd be in the team and if so what position?
Begrudgingly yes, he gets one last shot in the centres with a microscope on his defence.

3. Do you believe Brodie Croft is the halfback Broncos desperately need? Melbourne do not allow many great players leave.
Right now, absolutely. But let's swap notes again after the Nines.

4. What’s the general opinion on Anthony Seibold, he worked wonders in his only year at Souths, was he responsible for the disappointment last year was in particular the nightmare at Bankwest?
Abject failure. We looked uncoached. Made changes too late. Sounds like he's learnt about Rugby League from a book written by someone who's never played. But we're all trying to be optimistic in light of recent overdue changes.

Would do well to act quicker on the advice he gets from this forum.

5. There is a legitimate argument to be made that Broncos may have the 2 best forwards in the game in Payne Haas and David Fifita but are the Broncos too reliant on them, what players need to step up with these 2 young forwards?
All of them.

6. The player with the most pressure on them is?
Milford: he's our jewel. But he hasn't lived up to expectations in recent years. Then, somewhat unfairly, Croft because he's the major change that we're being told will fix everything wrong with our attack.

7. Player not many people have heard of to have biggest impact.
Everyone at the Broncos is a household name, so whoever is the opposing teams' Darius.

8. What will constitute a successful season? what will constitute a failure this year?
Looking like we know what we're doing with the ball in hand would be a great start. But winning the Grand Final is a reasonable goal.

9. Who is going to be the best back and forward this year?
Croft, Turpin.

10. In your honest opinion where will they finish this year? Best case scenario can you see Broncos winning the Premiership, if so how?
Premiers, by winning the Grand Final against Souths 58-0.
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