Journo Joel Gould banned from Broncos HQ for 6 weeks


NRL Captain
How did that play out? Would have been pretty awkward conversation.
I hung up immediately and just stared at my mate with my mouth open for about a minute. Then I called him back like 2 or 3 times until he picked up in the hopes that if we spoke that he wouldn’t bother checking the voice mail. I was ignoring him because I knew he would ask me to do extra work I didn’t want to do but when I called back you better believe I was real enthusiastic about helping in anyway possible. I’m sure the unusually chipper attitude toward extra work must have been a real shock to him.

I’m assuming he eventually listened to it but I see him face to face so occasionally that it has never been mentioned. Taught me a valuable lesson on not bad mouthing people to others

Dazza 92

NRL Player
...interesting times, I guess sometimes the club needs to stamp its feet to remind journos how dependant they are on them for their job...its not the other way round is it...

A lot of things appear to be changing at the club...might as well set the standards now so Siebs can get on with returning the Winfield cup back to its rightful place over the next 5 years...

(sheds nostalgic tear...!)

Purple Pills

QCup Player
It’s becoming an epidemic now that journalists will sensationalise anything and everything to make a quid especially with the current generation who are addicted to any type of drama.

The sad thing is when they pull their heads in, put away their egos and agendas, a lot of them are really good and interesting to listen to on TV and Radio.

But just like referees, journos will find a way to make everything about them. All they really are is a mouth piece for the player managers (who are the people who really run the game) and get given weekly gigs to make it all about themselves as a result.


International Captain
Pretty sure this was about Roberts, so old Joel was spot on really.

Would love to know what was in the text though.

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