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Discussion in 'State of Origin 2013' started by Broncs1459, Sep 10, 2013.

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    haha really? I think you must have got really unlucky in the Newcastle games you've watched if last night looked like a typical display from Gagai

    i'm not going to pretend his defence is good, or even average because it obviously isn't but last night was definitely one of the worst displays I've seen him put in. there must have been 3-4 occasions where he just flat out missed Blair and let him stroll through for a break or half-break. that kind of shitness definitely doesn't happen regularly to him (or any centre not called Steve Micahels)

    I honestly just think he's a weak defender who isn't a great tackler and gets caught positionally from time to time. and in truth there are plenty of other centres in the game who are just the same like John Morris, Jennings, Ferguson, Kenny-Dowell, pomeroy, matai, inu etc. The saving grace for Gagai is that he is still young and can improve if he puts some hard work in.
  2. KingWebcke

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    ^^ still, I don't think that makes me any happier about his Origin prospects. even if last night was anomaly, he is still a weak defender and has the potential to put in an absolute shocker like he did yesterday. I'd prefer to see Tate at centre next year
  3. Gagai is a huge risk in SOO.

    and tbh, I'm looking past Tate, though yes...
    this year Tate and GI in the centres, Boyd and Oneil on the wing will be more comfortable to live with rather than any alternatives involving Gagai.

    If Chambers could become more consistent ...... ?
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    Gagai just doesn't look physically very strong, and that probably inhibits his defence, even if he makes proper contact he's not likely to rock someone and hence, will probably fall off a rampaging runner.

    He needs to bulk up a bit more but that will come with age, you can't just throw on 15kg of muscle overnight otherwise it'll effect his other attributes like speed/agility.
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    chambers was 19th man this year for game 3. he will get first look in next year, and rightly so - hes a better player than gagai atm.
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  6. Morkel


    Same problem he had at the Broncos when he was told to bulk up. I saw a few times last game where Gagai was manhandled and dragged back on kick returns -exactly why he did not appeal to me as a player at the Broncos.
  7. Definitely agree about Chambers. If Brisbanes Corey Oates gets more game time I would not be surprised to see him added to 2014s Origin squad....whether its as a winger or my preference ,at centre. I saw him as a centre from the very first game he played. He may replace Hodges or Tate in the coming years.
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    This thread is quite funny. Not a lot of people on here seem to watch many games apart from the Broncos. Sunday was Gagai's worst defensive effort since playing for the Knights. I guessed you all missed when he shut down the two origin centres in Jennings and Morris this year. It all about attitude. He gets lazy on lesser opponents and tackles high/shirt grabbing. His other poor effort this year was against Johnathan Wright. When he goes low to tackle he is fine.
    Two of the Broncos greatest centres were poor defenders. Renouf came good but Hodges is still a poor defender at times. He still probably has nightmares of that game against Tonga. Our greatest Broncos was a piss poor defender when he made the move to the 6. He made Ben Roberts look like the 8th immortal.
    To that poster who thinks Jennings is a poor defender obviously hasn't watched a Roosters game all year.

    Will Chambers must be the most overrated centre in the game. If he didn't play outside the big 3, he would be just another solid average centre.
    Put him in the Broncos lineup, he wouldn't make much of a difference at all. To say he's more dangerous than Gagai must some sort of joke.

    Some interesting statistics.
    For someone who gets manhandled, Gagai has ran the most meters out of any centres this season.
    He has also averaged the most meters per game out of any centres this year.

    Dane Gagai - 128.72m

    Justin Hodges - 118.07m
    Jack Reed - 85.80m
    Josh Morris - 108.22m
    Krisnan Inu - 87.7m
    Blake Ferguson - 102.63m
    Ben Pomeroy - 86.5m
    Jonathan Wright - 65.37m
    Jamal Idris - 96.13m
    Jamie Lyon - 82m
    Steve Matai - 94.32m
    Will Chambers - 107.16m
    Brent Tate - 88.34m
    Kane Linnett - 110.16m
    Michael Jennings - 106.79m
    SKD - 91.92m
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    for someone who just said that other people mustnt watch must non-bronco games to have just said what you did about chambers is quite funny.
  10. How'd your gay guy go on Jennings tonight .......several misses, resulting in tries to Jennings/ Roosters

    Another shitful defensive effort.

    Gagai isn't SOO class .......unless he can learn how to defend.
  11. KingWebcke

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    some really awful defence on both sides. Gagai making Jennings look like a fool and then Jennings returning the favour. If either of them put some work into their defence they could be a great centre pairing for Australia in the future ... but definitely not as it currently stands.

    if you're just playing great in attack then you're only doing 50% of your job.
  12. Yes....just ask South Sydney.:winky:

    To be a top class centre, you have to have a good defensive game. Gagai isn't there yet. I agree he's dangerous with the ball, but in SOO you need more than that.

    Chambers while maybe not as naturally gifted as Gagai, has IMO a better all round game, defensively and in attack.

    I know I've dismissed some of the outlandish praise given to Jack Reed of late, but he has been seriously short sighted with his choice to play for the GB. He could of ended up being a walk up starter for QLD
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    Gagai is a fantastic runner of the ball ... very dangerous, but as has been stated already, he really needs to work hard on his tackling.

    Chambers has him in this area i think, so should be next in line to replace the 'great one'

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