NEWS Lockyer: The next step for David Fifita



International Rep
Aug 25, 2018
Why bustling Broncos David Fifita
needs to find another gear in the semi-finals

Darren Lockyer,
The Courier-Mail
September 6, 2019 9:24pm

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PNG Broncos fan88

PNG Broncos fan88

NRL Player
Aug 27, 2018
Dragons limped into the finals last year, we should have snuffed them out that first 20mins the way Fifita was terrorising their right edge. We were pretty much on top that whole quarter but opted for consecutive penalty goals instead of going for tries.
Leading by 10-2, right after the kick off from the Fifita try - 2nd tackle, Macca with his ineffectual crab run spills his lollies from a Sims jolting tackle and momentum swung.
Bang, bang, bang they went up by 4 tries to close off the half. Game and season fucking over!

Hope this momentum give aways don't fucking happen again.

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