NRL Injury Discussion - 2019

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    Jordan Rapana is out for 8 weeks.
  1. Jamie Buhrer out for the season. Ruptured ACL.
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    Copy/Paste of every other season, just change out the injury type.
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    Benji Marshall out for 6 weeks.
  3. Peter Wallace has retired effective immediately due to on-going, chronic knee injuries.
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  5. Jamie Buhrer has been cleared of an ACL injury and will instead miss up to 8 weeks with a meniscal tear.

    Nathan Brown needs to stop giving injury updates..
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    Goodbye my sweet prince.
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    Wallace apparently played with NO ACL. Whatever you think of his ability or time with the Broncs, I think no one could rightly argue he wasn’t one incredibly tough bloke.
  8. I was in the Wallace was excellent for the Broncos club. He gave his all every week and I admired that. He also was good without being great and that is the majority position for most nrl players.
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  9. Michael Morgan is out for the season.
  10. Akuila Uate is out for the season.

    Ankle syndesmosis injury, a bad one.
  11. Marcelo Montoya is out for the season.

    High grade hamstring injury.
  12. Dale Copley is out for the season.

    High grade hamstring injury.
  13. Eels have just been dealt a big blow.

    Manu Ma'u is out for the season. Fractured cheekbone.
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    Jarrod Croker ruled out for the season. He requires surgery to repair damage following the dislocation of his kneecap.
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  16. Antonio Winterstein has announced his retirement effective immediately.
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    How come Buhrer was playing on the weekend?
    The news changed, he didn't rupture his ACL. Nathan Brown spoke too early.
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