NRLs Playmaking 7 problem it's going to face



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Jun 13, 2019
I just don't trust clubs to do the right thing. The clubs had an opportunity to grow the game with the NYC and the majority of the clubs were self-serving. In fairness, a lot of them simply couldn't afford to hire the best coaches, the best players etc. so it was jobs for the boys and 'make it work'.

I'd expect the exact same to happen, where some clubs would take it seriously and try to put together quality reserve grade teams. Then I'd expect others to just sign a bunch of park footy players, finish dead last and hardly worry about it knowing they can just sign the gun prospects if they need to.
I personally didn't understand the structure of the under 20s comp, because while it was essentially national and with the NRL teams, the next level after that is Qcup and NSW cup and your back to playing regional games.

I feel it would be done better if they move away from the idea of just rebranded NRL teams and pump up the clubs in the lower category's as stand alones(like in Qcup)with an Affiliate.

It would require big grants from NRL to take it to the next level, they would need a cap of atleast a mil or two to go professional rather then the 400k or whatever it is now.

If it was me In charge of NRL with the next TV deal I would be making a national 2nd tier that is fed through promotion and relegation via Qcup and NSW cup, one nrl affiliation for each team to take some reserves, the whole promotion and relegation would keep teams on their toes to not just exist and be lazy as an operation.

Also no NRL branded teams, they have to be a separate club, like Wenty for Parra as an example, that would help the ecosystem of the game massively for clubs and player depth.

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