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Incredible how fast they killed tribalism and loyalty in the women's game, much quicker than I gave them credit for.

All in all it would have been better for the competition if we never won any premierships in the women's game.
Yup, I can't believe this, well I can because NRL. I was so pumped for the womens comp the first few years but since COVID I couldn't care less because half our players left. I know it was always going to happen since they're not professional etc but geez it's hard to get invested when you don't even know who's going to be in the team, and then the next season your favourite players are running around for other teams.
Draw has been released this morning

First game for the girls is 7:45pm Saturday 22nd of July at Sunshine Coast Stadium vs the Roosters.

Men’s team plays Souths on the Friday night the 21st up there

Double header for the Gabba with the women playing first vs the Titans when we play the Rooster the following week.

Another double header up at Townsville when we both play the Cows in week 3

While we both play Parra in week 4, the men play at the Gabba but the girls will play the Saturday out of Easts Tigers stadium at Stones Corner in a double header with the Cows vs Wests Tigers

Week 5 we play Newcastle down there while the men have the bye

Week 6 we both play Canberra except women out of Easts Tigers again while the men are in Canberra

Week 7 we play an NRLW double header up in Townsville vs the Sharks while the men play the Storm at Suncorp

Weeks 8 and 9 are during the men’s finals

First is vs Wests Tigers in Newcastle for a double header and week 9 is vs the Dragons as the second game at Kogarah

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Aiken confirmed at the Roosters

Disappointed Hate GIF by King of Boys

So I guess the Roosters don't have a salary cap in the womens' comp either. Seems they can pick up everyone else's stars no trouble in that comp as well.
Draw looks good. I really reckon I'll be at some of the games at Easts given how close it is.
Sienna Lofipo, her halves partner at Wynnum and the fullback Mino-Sinapati might be ones to keep an eye as well

aaaaand they’ve both signed to the Titans :(

looks like they’ve been in their academy anyway. It’d be nice to start lining up our feeders a bit more as professionalisation continues.

Assuming we keep Wynnum, Souths and Norths, we shouldn’t have Titans juniors playing for Wynnum
Herdegen has signed with the Knights

this is fucked. She’s been doing game development with Gillo and Reedy for the Broncos, was on a development contract last year as she was still in school and now ***** off to the Knights

two points: why can the Knights not produce their own players yet again, and wtf is Prince doing?
On Broughton, she’s signed for two years, and possibly to play 5/8th,

which means we’re going with a cooked lineup of Maddick, Broughton, Ali B, Ferguson with Brill at lock

instead of

Broughton , Ferguson, Ali B, Brill, which I believe is a far better spine

also sick of turning halfbacks into hookers
Tallisha Harden moves to the Cows

Mariah Denman is back.

Aka Mariah Storch

She’s been playing well for Capras, particularly last season

Can goal kick too

also says we’ve signed Lavinia Gould again. I wonder if she’s trying to outdo Steph Hancock as the oldest ever player

Toni Hunt and Grace Griffin are officially back.

Griffin doesn’t surprise me as she was a Valleys girl under Prince and has been playing for Norths with a lot of the team. Good halves depth at the least

Great story for Toni to come back from cancer treatment. Played more lock since she’s come back when she used to be a centre

two spots left in the top squad with just today and tomorrow left
I’m glad Jasmine is back - not sure how bad her injury is as it kept her out of the last bit of BMD last month

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