[NRLW Round 1, 2022] Broncos vs Knights

Newcastle getting away with murder in the ruck
Most sides would struggle to replace players the calibre of Boyle and Upton.
How is ludicrous how long they are allowed to hold us down.
Amber Hall gets put in a head lock and wasn’t able to play the ball quickly.

No penalty. Nice one Badger you idiot.
We're a slow-motion team

But Knights have been allowed to lay all over us and we have no momentum
Knights grubbing it up
So good of Badger to kill all our momentum on tackle 4 for a concussion test that happened in the previous set from a deliberate knee to the face.

Couldn’t possibly wait one more tackle could you Casey?
ugh get off my screen Sergis
Oh god now she's on the panel too
Oh my bad, I thought this was only on 9.

It's on the AFL channel on fox - they just took forever to cross over to it. Because Matty Johns is more important apparently to remain of the league channel


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