Pacific Championship Week 4 Discussion

Harry Sack

Harry Sack

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Jun 12, 2013
What's with the strange start time? Kicking off at 2pm apparently.

Edit: It's in NZ so 5pm local time
Washed up players like dce and Tedesco are the reason this team is so hard to like
Pathetic so far from Munster and DCE just going through the motions running practice plays with no purpose
Have a drink every time Teddy slips over. You'd be blind by half time.

I'd play the game but I only have 12 beers and half a bottle of whiskey in the house...I don't think that would cover it.
Send him off for a HIA... weak as **** trying to turn that into a high tackle
Fucking hit.
Staggs is having one of those games where he doesn't want it
Also kangaroos need a serious clean through, it's so stagnant
He just falls over every time
Hammer caught out in defence there

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