Weidler Warning People leave league in droves.


State of Origin Captain
The Thursday time slot is crap, I won’t watch the game if I’ve got an early start the next day, plus my daughter can’t stay up that late. Same with the second Friday night game.

My daughter just got into this year (she even calls the Storm cheats) but she misses heaps of games due to the late timings


BRL Player
There is 2 standout incidents that have made me want to walk away from the game.
The first was Sam Burgess copping a fine for knocking out Moylan, and now Roberts getting 2 weeks for intentionally elbowing The back of a downed, defenseless opponents head.

the whole fucking lot of the MRC need to be lined up and shot and buried in unmarked graves for their performance this season. The two examples above got under my skin the most, but are far from their only terrible calls.

If they don't change how this works, i wont be here next season.


NRL Captain
On AFL, if the code were to become the dominate footy code it would eventually be overtaken by football (soccer) because it’s a superior version with global standing. Probably wouldn’t be a bad thing to have football and cricket as our 1 and 2 codes in aus. We’re heading that way in any case because of CTE.
Australian football and soccer the same?? That'll do me. Ever noticed the AfL players using their hands?

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