PRE-GAME PRE-GAME [Round 4, 2023] Broncos vs Dolphins

Dolphins vs Broncos


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flegs has been hitting hard of late good line speed
There's no gentle way to rush up and smash someone so they don't execute one of those sweep plays, the alternative is he tries to cuddle them and is late getting there. Try in the corner every time.
I was complimenting him
It looked like you were suggesting he find a new technique because it's only a matter of time before he gets suspended.
Nah I love it. It’s just high risk but that is what it is
I sat there last night watching the post-game, they interviewed about 5 Bronco players in a row and tried to bait every single one of them into talking up Dolphins vs Broncos, then there were drilling Kevvie that hard in his presser I reckon one of them came up with oil (no click bait content though).
Just like the NRL had the chance to suspend Kikau before the GF (and didn't), the fact that they have charged Kaufusi so heavily (instead of a fine) is big. He is a big out for them, if they were indeed pulling the strings towards a Dolphins victory, this would make things tougher. Maybe it's not pre-written?

Nah, it will just take the "unprecedented victory" up one notch, when they beat us without their enforcer.

Joe Biden Shock GIF by GIPHY News

What did I just read?

Can't even spell Yvonne O'Keefe's name right.
Yep. I would be placing a media ban on the squad if I were Kev. Gotta insulate them from all the chatter and mind games.
Na, normal week. You don't want to play the game before the game...

People forget that if there is one person who can keep up with bennetts big game experience.

Part of 9 gfs as a player (1 as an unused sub, 1 as a captain)
Part of 20 origins as a player
Coached 12 origins
Part of another 2 gfs as an assistant coach

That's 43 BIG games, not including internationals

Bennett has coached in 10 gfs (1 as a co-coach).
And 12 origins (3 of them super league tri-series)

That's 22 BIG games not including internationals

And no, im not counting BRL days grand finals bcos while the standard was good judging by the players the pressure wouldn't even be half the above games....

I am not saying Walters is anywhere near bennetts experience levels. What I am saying is Walters big game experience and knowledge is nothing to be sneezed at.

I know, as does everyone, that Walter isn't the best coach. But the broncos are a different beast to every other club in the nrl and Walters knows how to manage that beast.
Pretty sure it will either be Grant Atkins or Adam Gee who refs the game and screw us with numerous 6 agains and penalties against us. Watch out for Flegler to be put on report & binned if he tries to tackle.
Inspite of all this from moron PVL, we’ll defy the odds and smack them real bad.
City of Brisbane & Suncorp is ours!
Just on this point. Has anyone figured out what 5th tackle penalty was for on him yet? Runs out, hits him hard in the ribs, quick ptb, no mention of off side, so wtf? Haha
If anything, we’re not hitting hard enough. It was against us, so that part I hated, but watch the first 20mins of the Cows game. Gang tackles led by JT2 and Cotter. The level of aggression was through the roof and they went hunting in packs. The key is to keep that intensity up for 80mins. The only way that happens apart from the obvious fitness levels is if your back 5 work their arses off in kick returns and give the forwards a breather.
Gotta love the whinging about how if Kaufusi doesn't play it will take away from the spectacle of the inaugural Battle of Brisbane(which already happened against the Crushers even if that was back in the 90's and at least that was a side actually based in Brisbane playing out of Brisbane, not just the odd game based outside of Brisbane).
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