CRICKET Queensland Bulls 23/24

Bulls 3/10.

McDermott out there again bat keep and bat again.
Honestly poor batting by the Bulls.

They start poorly, get back in it and have a lead, but throw it away.

7/70 and they are going to have to bowl their hearts out to win this.
Why are all of Tasmania's bowlers giants?

Inbreeding paying off for once
Well if you are looking for hope among the bats in FC this are going to be pretty disappointed.
Clayton and Guthrie survive to get to 8/114

Clayton on 66

Guthrie with a solid tail-end innings of 4 (30), those 4 coming off a boundary
Good innings by Clayton. He took the game on and I wouldn't say his decision making was always right but his ultra aggressive approach paid off when everyone around him was falling.
Clayton in to the 90s. I tell you what, I think he's going to win a few fans with this innings, this has been about as gritty as you can get. He is massively struggling out there but just will not give in.
...also helps that Tassie can't seem to catch.
Has Clayton got Covid? Him and Swepson just fake hugged.


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