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Big Pete Big Pete how did Coates go?

I read some tweets on Twitter saying he played really well and looked like a natural out there.
I didn't catch the entire game, so I'll have a better answer for you tomorrow but he was the man of the match.

Xavier is everything you want out of your modern day back three. A big body with good speed, footwork and a fend that just makes the defenders life difficult. Every run I saw from him he managed to beat the first defender and he isn't afraid to do the hard yards for the team.

When you watch the 18s, you've got to be careful because you're watching future Test players, NRL regulars, ISC regulars and people who tell their grandchildren they played with those Test players. Watching Xavier, I saw somebody who could be playing NRL right now.

It was an impressive win from all of them. You should see some of the hits Vaikai, Howarth and Piakura came up with. They didn't miss, that's for sure.

Walker though, keep an eye on him. Even if he doesn't go on with it, there were things I watched that made him look like a magician. He doesn't step, he twitches and somehow he's through a gap throwing bullet passes.

Those are the players I enjoy watching. Those players who are more like illusionists than Rugby players.


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Coates will be in the five on Wednesday and will be a nightmare coming infield.
Blues should have read my notes. Second half two big runs straight through the middle. Coates would have made 200m just in the second half.

Queensland defended so well, great goal line defence which then enabled them to attack with their weapons.

I didn't think Coates was MOTM I thought Sam had a better overall game, Coates was pretty quiet in the first half.

Queensland were so well coached, enthusiastic and just gave the Blues no space. Line speed was tremendous and the contact.

Depends what you want, Walker is different I keep using the word instinctive because football is just part of him he understands it because he's been immersed in it like his dad and uncles their whole life.
Instinctive is still the word, just moves like a footballer. There was a set in the second half, he made the bust down the left, came over to the right, had a shot at them again and didn't come off rolls it in for a repeat set.

First half covers up a kick he was already moving around to get it before he kicked it.

told ya.
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Brisbane Broncos - Coates, James, Martin, Niu, Piakura, Simpkin, Walker, Walsh
Gold Coast Titans - Compain, Khan-Pereira, Powell, Vaikai
Melbourne Storm - Howarth, Loiero
North Queensland Cowboys - Tabuai-Fidow
Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs - Sexton
Wynnum Manly Seagulls - Hoffman, Graham.
I watched the replay on the QLR site and Coates, Niu, Simpkins and Walker were the best players on the field imo


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yeah Tesi man of match for me Walker top 5 maybe, tends to overplay his hand at times can see alot of touch player in him

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