LIVE Round 1 - Storm vs Broncos

Discussion in 'Live Game Chat' started by Foordy, Mar 14, 2019.

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  1. Sproj


    Be fair, he’s probably hardly trained there. He also looked one of the few slightly threatening players.

    Will be interesting to see how long Roberts is gone for, doesn’t sound good.
  2. winslow_wong

    winslow_wong State of Origin Captain

    50 tackles is great except he has absolutely nothing left in the tank after 40 tackles. He needs a rest and someone like Turpin to come on for impact. There’s tackles where Macca barely makes it to dummy half to pass it he’s that tired.
  3. Accept

    Accept NRL Player

    Pros: Despite Melb totally dominating, the Broncos managed to stay in it (sort of). Gillo and Lodge were outstanding. Bird was solid.

    Cons: Roberts is a massive loss, Oates looks to be favoring his knee, this current spine isn't going to threaten anybody. This side is going places but definitely not this year.
  4. Allo

    Allo NRL Player

    Kodi to super sub. At least in the middle he shouldn’t get found out as much in defence
  5. Morepudding

    Morepudding QCup Player

    I think we can still do okay this year. Drop boyd or move him to the wing, and bring in O'Sullivan for nikorima and put nikorima as the bench utility. Can come on and be that spark he did well in 2015. Boyd doesnt do enough in attack or defence to be our fullback anymore. He played every game last season and was useless for them all, and said he is feeling fitter than ever but was abysmal in the trial against titans and mud again tonight. He just doesn't have it.
  6. And a lot of those 50 tackles he is getting carried 10+ metres. Some of his tackles are very ineffective.
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  7. Gaz

    Gaz QCup Player

    All that money for Bird and Oates is the man. Sorry but Bennet is a fuckwit.
  8. soup

    soup State of Origin Rep

    **** Cameron Smith. Smug ****.
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  9. Allo

    Allo NRL Player

    He started hitting well, but yeah it still happened
  10. soup

    soup State of Origin Rep

    I’m actually happy with how we went tonight.

    We showed heart, fitness, and slight improvement.

    We have to remember that with youth comes errors.
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  11. Morepudding

    Morepudding QCup Player

    id go
    1. Isaako
    2. Oates
    3. Bird (Staggs if roberts is out)
    4. Roberts (Bird if hes out for long)
    5. Boyd/Richie Kenner
    6. Milford
    7. O'Sullivan
    8. TPJ
    9. Macca
    10. Lodge
    11. Fifita
    12. Glenn
    13. Gillett
    14. Nikorima
    15. Offa
    16. Sua
    17. Flegler (Haas when back)
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