LIVE Round 19 - Titans vs Broncos


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I didn’t find it reckless, just half a second out of timing
If Sami doesn't randomly drop like a sack of potatoes for no reason he doesn't get hit high and everyone is talking about how good the shot is. He's at fault in the collision.

EDIT: for comparison, if a forward is running upright towards the defence and goes to his knees a split second before collision are the defenders at fault despite committing to what would be a legal shot if not for the ball carrier electing to change his posture?
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Big Pete

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Not able to watch , can anyone give run down of the last few tries ?
Length of the field intercept by Oates. Got the go-go-gadget extension arms on a long pass and went 90.

Lodge busted through a couple of tackles and crawled over the line.

Milford popped an offload at the very last fraction of a second to send Staggs through the gap.

Brisbane threw a thousand offloads before putting Staggs through a gap. The put-down was pretty dusty.

Then the last was a training run. Long pass to Milford who summed up the situation for Isaako down the corner.


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How can anyone on here with a straight face defend the tpj shoulder to the face? Blokes lucky to still be in the game
I agree report and sin bin probably warranted to be consistent. What I don't agree with is that it is completely different or worse than the Ponga tackle. Brandy defending the Ponga tackle but slamming Pangi is hypocritical
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For starters wasn't even close to a shoulder charge, the contact was head to chest. Agree it was quite reckless so don't disagree with the refs handling in the moment. But nothing illegal other than it being high. Between the push and falling player there should be no case to answer


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Like I said, He did a big tackle while being big, that's not allowed in this competition.

The Whole system is hugely unfair to Bigger players.

Smaller players get away with Shoulder Charges and the lot constantly.
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Art Vandelay

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I think TPJ's issue will be that his shoulder came in contact with his head. Wasn't a shoulder charge as both his arms are wrapping.

It should be penalty sufficient but the NRL is full retard at the moment.

Will probably get 2 weeks... if it comes down as only 1 week we should take the early and walk away.
Define shoulder. The head makes contact in a triangular area of TPJ bound by the armpit, pec and bicep. He ran into him at speed and contact was made with the head but not with parts of the body that can be realistically 'aimed'.

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