POST GAME Round 20 - Broncos vs Storm

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As I said, we're still too vulnerable to take on Melbourne especially after a loss.

Melbourne are just going to be a side that will always have the wood over us.


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I wanna be disgusted, but this is so common now it would actually be waaaay more surprising if we didn't get smashed by them.


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Put Turpin at 9 ffs. Get genuine halves.

Seems that after losing last week because of a forward pass Melb were given the green light to throw as many as they pleased. Can someone ( Super Freak Super Freak ) make a compilation? I swear there must be 2-3 dozen, not even exaggerating.


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I wanna be disgusted, but this is so common now it would actually be waaaay more surprising if we didn't get smashed by them.
Exactly what i was thinking.

I'm sorry, but i laughed a little when i read some of you actually thought we would win this game.

We are a long way off challenging sides like the Storm/Roosters ... our young side just hasn't had the chance to get any kind of cohesion as yet.

Getting Tom or SOS back as halfback will help, but the season is fast slipping away.


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The thing that pisses me off the most is how Melb don't win the contest in the tackle but their second or third man in still hangs on . The refs just expect it now like it's ok because that's just Melbourne.
Even the commentators just cop it, even admire it, but they break the rules 90% of the time. There is some kind of emporers new clothes BS going on.
You don't win the contest just because you have 3 in the tackle you're supposed to dominate before you get to slow things up a bit in fact if you can't dominate 3 on 1 you shouldn't get any leeway at all.
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Pub Steak

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What we did in the first half was no different than blooding up the water and jumping in with a bunch of sharks. The game was over after our early defensive efforts against the frenzy of attacks. It's how Melbourne get us every time. We look at their disgusting jerseys and shit our pants.

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I’m not too sure what’s happening with our right side defense, way fucking too open.

I don’t want to hold anyone accountable for the loss, but people keeping talking about Lodge’s leadership should stop, all I can see is he’s taken this game completely personal, didn’t put himself in the team.

It’s not the end of the world, if the boys can learn something from this game, then it’s worth it for the players not for the fans.

There’s still chance we could make to the final, but we really should start think about next year.


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Was always going to be the outcome, we aren't close to being a top 8 side. But the alarming thing is how much we need to improve, that is going to drain some confidence.


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Dearden should waltz right back into the team next week surely. The whole team was shit. They got Lodge to bite early and it was all downhill from there


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Even though the results from the last few weeks were wins, it's evident we still have missing pieces.

Obvious ones are playing guys in their correct positions relying on being injury free and recruitment.

The other pieces include a different game plan. I said a few weeks back even though our forwards are hard to contain, teams like the storm will just gobble up those one out runs.
This happened tonight, partly from being energy zapped on defence but also we need to mix it up on attack with different moves.

Defence is the other piece, as others have pointed out, it was shot down that right hand side.

Hopefully the poor game plan, management etc can be sorted out.
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