NRLW POST GAME Round 8 - Broncos vs Tigers



International Captain
Senior Staff
Mar 4, 2008
Saturday 11:30am, McDonald Jones Stadium, Newcastle.

IMG 4790
Tess related to Charlie?
Don't think so. They're from different areas of NSW but I could be wrong.

Tess is from Leeton, Charlie is from Forbes. No relation

Gayle Broughton has again dropped out for this game

Grace Griffin moves into 5/8th in #19
Is Broughton injured?
Come on Maddick.

Shit kick Brigginshaw.

Not a good start.
Come on Werner.

That's a try gone.
That's a big shiner
Holy ****.

That cheekbone has blown up. She's going to have quite a shiner.
That cheekbone is fucked up.
We're suffering a bit in attack with Broughton out.
Get the **** out of the way Clark.

Fucking hell.
Brill is a pretty ordinary passer from dummy half. Good runner though.

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