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    This is the thread.

    Gould doing his usual origin stuff, and as always it's entertaining.

    A shitload of blue wigs around the stadium, I like it makes for a real atmosphere.

    Looks to be a good game so far, kick off in about 10-15 minutes, still go the anthem and all that to go.
  1. Lets do it pwn and BroncosHQ

  2. I hope we can wrap up the series tonight for Darren to go out a winner.
    The great man leading them out of the sheds.
  3. Atmosphere looks electric. Should setup a great game.
  4. National Indigenous kids, godnawa choir or something doing the national anthem.

    They're doing a good job, impressed.
  5. Wish the Maroons did a Haka...

    What are the Blues doing?
  6. More nervous for this game than I have been in ages. NSW have really been talking the talk down here this week.
  7. Game on.
    Poor kick by soward we start the set on the 40

    They hold down too long, gallen says origin one we were all holding down all night and he says that was game 1 it's game 2, gallen says are the rules different now?


    Going to be 2-0 to QLD now :)
  9. Easy 2 points.
  10. Square up penalty but goes to waste.

    Wasn't much of a ' square up' either, should have been let go.
  11. lol Ennis got monstered by scott
  12. Bucking Beads

    Bucking Beads International Captain

    This commentary has to be a gee up. All the penalties have been soft.
  13. NSW playing very aggressive in defence.
  14. Another soft penalty.
  15. Penalty to NSW on the 4th.

    Soward going for the 2 points , 40 metres out towards the sideline. i doubt he can get this in
  16. This reffing is a crock of shit. The amount of time that the blues get in the tackle is totally different from the Maroons.
  17. Bucking Beads

    Bucking Beads International Captain

    How that inglis tackle wasn't a penalty is beyond me. Gonna be a rort tonight I can fill it
  18. Astroboy

    Astroboy QCup Player

    A few BS penalties to the Blues already. Just what the N(SW)RL ordered.

    HAHA Soward misses!
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