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    Game will be streamed live at 5:55pm on the QRL website.

    Link is here...

    New South Wales
    1. Matt Dufty (St. George Illawarra Dragons)
    2. Paul Momirovski (Sydney Roosters)
    3. Sione Mata'utia (Newcastle Knights)
    4. Tom Trbojevic (Manly Sea Eagles)
    5. Latrell Mitchell (Sydney Roosters)
    6. Jackson Hastings (Sydney Roosters)
    7. Lachlan Croker (Canberra Raiders)
    8. Ofa-Ki Samisoni Hala (Penrith Panthers)
    9. Grant Garvey (Sydney Roosters)
    10. Jacob Host (St. George Illawarra Dragons)
    11. Tyrrell Fuimaono (Parramatta Eels)
    12. Tevita Pangai Jr. (Canberra Raiders)
    13. Hame Sele (St. George Illawarra Dragons)
    14. Tevita Cottrell (South Sydney Rabbitohs)
    15. Alex Twal (Parramatta Eels)
    16. Luciano Leilua (St. George Illawarra Dragons)
    17. Matthew Jurd (St. George Illawarra Dragons)

    1. Adrian Henley (Norths Devils)
    2 .Riva-Weiss Pati (Brisbane Broncos/Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
    3. Elijah Alick (Brisbane Broncos/Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
    4. Junior Taefu (Brisbane Broncos/Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
    5. Gideon Mosby-Gela (NQ Cowboys/Townsville Stingers)
    6. Lachlan Lewis (Canberra Raiders)
    7. Cooper Bambling (NQ Cowboys/Townsville Stingers)
    8. Lindsay Collins (Brisbane Broncos/Norths Devils)
    9. Jake Turpin (Melbourne Storm)
    10. George Fai (Brisbane Broncos/Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
    11. Regan Grieve (NQ Cowboys/Townsville Stingers)
    12. Coen Hess (NQ Cowboys/Townsville Stingers)
    13. Kieran Duffin (Brisbane Broncos/Norths Devils)
    14. Ross Bella (Mackay Cutters)
    15. Samuelu Lavea (Brisbane Broncos/Ipswich Jets)
    16. Charlie Galo (Melbourne Storm)
    17. Keegan Hipgrave (Brisbane Broncos/Gold Coast Green)
    18. Joseph Burchell (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
    Coach: Anthony Seibold
  1. 8-4 NSW with a ktc for the Blues.

    Collins scored the first try for the Maroons but the Blues have hit back with two back to back tries.

    Only caught the Dufty try which was basically Hastings running at Taefu, turning him inside out before finding the fullback on the inside.
  2. Mitchell scores for NSW.

    Turpin crossed the line for the Maroons but was penalised for a sheppard. Blues then made easy ground through the middle before shifting right and Mitchell did well to take on the wing and fullback before eventually putting it down.

    14-4 NSW with 22 minutes gone.
    Duffin is coming off for the Maroons, looks like he suffered a knock.

    Lewis grubbers for himself but the kick goes dead.
  3. Burcell on report for an eye gouge allegation from the touchy.
  4. Goal line drop out for the Maroons.

    Mature play from Bambling.

    3 minutes left in the half.

    Fai drops a loose Turpin pass on tackle two.
  5. Splinter

    Splinter NRL Player

    Right side defence of Lewis and Taefu is almost non existant
  6. Splinter

    Splinter NRL Player

    Too many handling errors as well for QLD
  7. Half Time

    New South Wales 14 lead Queensland 4.

    Queensland have had their opportunities to hit back but haven't made the most of them. The problem is Turpin keeps looking to run it through the forwards and they haven't hit the left hand side enough and when they have Bambling has played it relatively safe.

    I like what I've seen from the Broncos forwards. All of the props have run really hard with Hipgrave really keeping the Maroons rolling through the middle while Duffin has been very willing through the middle putting in his toiler like performance and showing good guts to come back onto the field.
  8. Galo loses the ball and the Blues race 60 odd metres to score.

    Will be NSW 20 Queensland 4.
  9. Brett


    QLD look very ordinary.
  10. Bad call from the referee, was definitely a second go from the Blues defensive player.

    Maroons had the Blues covered there but Lewis once again makes a flimsy tackle and they nearly go onto score.
  11. Splinter

    Splinter NRL Player

    Someone needs to tell Lewis it is not touch football. Thank goodness the raiders signed him
  12. Queensland just want to come off the field at this point.
  13. Splinter

    Splinter NRL Player

    I thought Turpin, Collins, Hess, and Duffin went okay but that was about it. Too many errors from the rest with Lewis being the worst player on the field. I assume he was selected because of his surname
  14. Cult3

    Cult3 State of Origin Captain

    This game was better than the main event and even it was shit. NSW must learn how to play dirty from a young age.
  15. 1910

    1910 State of Origin Rep

    Turpin was excellent, first time ever at hooker and he played really well. Recieved the player's player award.

    He's unsigned by the Storm for next year.
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