Super League

I can't get over how poor the Rhinos have been these past two weeks.

A couple of years ago, they were the premiers and one of the most cohesive units in the competition. Nowadays they're struggling to complete a set and their defence is an embarrassment. They didn't have the best 2018, but with the signings of Merrin, Lolohea & Hurrell they'd bounce back. As it turns out they've been among the worst for the Rhinos and they're producing the type of football that saw them exiled from the NRL. We all joke about Milford's fitness, but Lolohea literally takes the cake. He took an interception with nobody infront of him that 3 years ago would have been an easy try. This time around he ended up succumbing to the tackle because he didn't want to go the distance. His defence is awful and he makes so many costly errors, I'm struggling to come to any positives.

One of the reasons why I was interested in the Rhinos was to check in on Parcell, and it wasn't pretty. Parcell's best attribute is his speed, yet he rarely runs out of dummy half or even tries to get his forwards over the advantage line. His service isn't even close to NRL standard and his defence is poor, he missed nine tackles the other week and found himself demoted against the Warriors. I still like the way he dedicates himself to chasing the ball, but he's nowhere near the player I thought he'd be over there. In fact, I thought he was handidly outplayed by Brad Dwyer who made a big difference to the Rhinos attack in his two stints.

Hopefully the quality picks up, because those games were beyond awful.

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