Taylan May 'suspension'

V'Landys continues to single handedly kill this entire sport through stupidity, arrogance, inconsistency and lack of any understanding of the game.

It's no wonder long-term die hard fans and even ex-players who have lived and breathed league their entire life are turning off in droves... It's barely worth watching anymore.

NRL may survive but it may never be the same after this clown.
I guess we won't be seeing penalties or sin bins for late hits from now on then?
Fucking hell. The gall of Cleary to claim he was trying to diffuse the situation, he actively escalated it. That was at least as twice as bad as the haas shoe incident.
It would of escalated real bad if old mate that got taken out had a few mates that had his back.
It would of escalated real bad if old mate that got taken out had a few mates that had his back.
Taylan may had only played 1 nrl game at that point apparently. He was probably sucking up to the boss’s kid and by extension the boss when he did that.
Even Vossy was having a dig at May and the NRL during the commentary last night, I'm sure he has received his reprimand from FOX.
I haven't seen the incident and I am sure it's a couple of blokes exchanging blows over nothing but whatever it is, it's a really dangerous precedent to make a player exempt from suspension so he can play in the finals for the "fans".

What's stopping someone from planting someone on their head in an actual game? if a bloke can get off from off field discrepancies, surely anything that happens on the field isn't even worth discussing.

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