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Discussion in 'State of Origin 2015' started by Big Pete, Jun 16, 2015.

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  2. NSW are so dirty and cheap a $5 hooker would feel dirty servicing them
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    Haha if that was meant to upset it's an epic fail.
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    Fair enough and I can understand where you're coming from on this, but I can't agree fully. It's not great to be calling any side the worst in history and crapping on about grubbiness doesn't really help anyone or do anything to sell the game.

    But while calling a convicted, self-confessed drug cheat a drug cheat may not be helpful I can't criticise it at all. Ultimately the blame for that falls on the drug cheat in question and I don't think it's fair to blame any media for using something which is an established fact.
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    It wasn't meant to upset you at all, it was meant to call you out for the homophobic human being you are. I would have to believe you have a conscious if I thought it would upset you.
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  6. Fair cop mate. Don't let emotions get you in trouble.
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    fair call, sorry.
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    Christ, Paul Kent is a dribbler.

    He's on NRL 360 complaining about the Blues not winning enough penalty counts at Suncorp. Whatever dude. No mention about how the Maroons do in Sydney regarding penalties. Gotta love that balanced approach in the media.

    How does this one-sided nonsense get aired?
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    because he is from NSW
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  10. Brilliant !!! I may cut & paste this and call it my own on other league sites. Thanks !!
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  11. Mal's rats and filth comments are ringing true once again.

    have they gone to far?.....fucken oath they have.

    What we saw on 60 minutes last night has to be one of the grubbiest acts ever performed by a sporting association.

    NSW born and raised, Channel 9's David Gyngell .....and the NSWRL, set about attacking the QLD captain on national TV, just days out from 2015's origin decider. The cowardly manipulation of such tragic circumstances is a disgusting new low even for NSW.

    A young NSW junior who's been tragically injured play the game we all love, thinks Cam Smith is a ****. Him and his entire family hates Smith and they let the whole of Australia know about it.

    How is Cameron Smith supposed to feel about is any body supposed to feel about being shamed, maligned....embarrassed in front of millions of viewers in Australia prime time tv slot ??

    I tell ya....Les Boyd had nothing on David Gyngell. Les Boyd was an angel compared to that ****.

    Not only a lot of QLD'rs lost respect, but a lot of RL fans lost respect for Alex McKinnon Sunday night.

    I predict Smith getting a King Wally like cheer when he runs onto the ground on tomorrow. They'll be letting him know that RL fans are all supporting him

    and the QLD'rs will be screaming at him to smash those filthy NSW grubs back into the dirt.
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    Just what I needed to get in the mood.
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    Yep, the 60-seconds-is-all-you-get bullshit has got QLD into the siege mentality, I'm sure of it. I hope they DO boycott the run tomorrow. Crank it up even more.

    QLD by 12+

    Useless **** in the media. Sickening.
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  14. CaptainHook

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    There's a lot of talk being slung around about boycotts and I'm all for it tbh. Smith should have been given right of reply. They could have got a comment from him and not have it detract from the main story.

    It is awesome to see the rest of the QLD team circling the wagons and supporting their skipper. It was a hatchet job - plain and simple. What's the point of giving them more ammo? They'll just take it out of context and make it a beat-up anyway.

    Screw nine. Stay strong, QLD!
  15. This made my nuts tingle.
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  16. Err...whatever happened to not abusing fellow posters ? Really...surely the abuse above must be removed and the abusers know, in the interests of fairness and oh, because it's strictly forbidden on this site.
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    Let's race to the bottom!

    * Greg Inglis technically got off a domestic violence charge
    * Slater, Cronk, Smith and Inglis were part of the Storm illegal salary cap that destroyed
    * Sam Thaiday, Darius Boyd - Alhambra lounge

  19. *Dugan - Plays for the Blues
    *Hopoate - Plays for the Blues
    *Jennings - Plays for the Blues
    *Morris - Plays for the Blues
    *Morris - Plays for the Blues
    *Pearce - Plays for the Blues
    *Hodkinson - Plays for the Blues
    *Tamou - Plays for the Blues / Is a Kiwi
    *Farah - Plays for the Blues
    *Ennis - Plays for the Blues / Is Michael Ennis
    etc. etc.

  20. abashii

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    Go nuts mate, spread the message far and wide. Let the word ring out to the four corners of the earth: Gal's not just a drug cheat, he's also a **** awful human being and spectacularly unsuccessful to boot.
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