Mole Warning The Mole reports Isaako for Corey Allen swap imminent


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Whilst Isaako has been horribly out of form this year, Corey Allan has done nothing even mildly impressive in his time in the NRL. He seems big and slow and just doesn't have the body for a modern fullback where agility is so important.

Isaako has had a lot on. It's his second year of NRL, expecation on him is higher, he's recently had a child and his father is dying. I mean, that would put anyone through the ringer. He appears very popular within the group, and you can't fault his effort to training and those aspects. This year is a write-off for him, but I think he showed enough last year that he is a first grader and I think he will find form next season.

From what i've noticed with players and having children, often the 'loose / badboy' type players become more consistent and better players when they have kids, whilst the hard working ones sometimes go backwards due to a disrupted routine. I think this is usually because those loose/badboy types have virtually no routine, then have a child forced them in to one. Whilst someone like Isaako who from all reports was as professional as they come and always did a lot of extras, now has less time / a disrupted routine.

Time will tell if there is any truth to the rumour, but based on what i've seen, I don't really like it.


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What on earth has prompted this move? I strongly hope this is another BS article that's just throwing darts in the dark. I don't reckon Isaako wants to move to SHITney nor his contract would break the bank for us here. FFS, give this guy some break you shameless media grubs. He's going through a lot and deserves some privacy.

What would we get out of this swap? Except for loosing out on possible best goal kicker or if things turn his way for good, he could turn out as a decent fullback. Not sure what is Corey Allan good at? We've better players than him here waiting in line. Don't need him here, don't want him here. Don't want anyone who doesn't want to dug in.
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Yeah, i didnt see allen in ISC but i havent been particularly impressed with him in a winning souths team, i struggle to see that he would play better in a struggling broncos team.

Yes Isaako has had an off year and there have been personal issues which young players can struggle with, but he is a hard trainer and think he will come good. If he has to be in lower grades until that happens so be it.


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This is garbage. He has had a lot of inconsistency around him and injury. The guy has been our best for most of his time here.
I agree he's been one of our best, but still mediocre. He has gone backwards in alot of areas since he got here.


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I agree he's been one of our best, but still mediocre. He has gone backwards in alot of areas since he got here.
He is an elite kicking half, that is for sure. He used to be an elite running half. Juggling both is hard when you've had Kodi and Hunt the majority of the time.

Silly blanket statement mate. He's above average at his best, but hasn't achieved his best due to a few factors, including his own desire and effort at times. I also think Bennett sort of ruined his young prime a little.

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He screams first year player. He's been crud this year.
Yeah he does scream inexperienced, last year he had shown a lot though. If it’s just a case of second year syndrome keep him and see if he comes good.


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I would keep Isaako. Just think the long contract is a bit of a gamble. Hopefully he can kick on.

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Isn't Isaako from NSW before we signed him? Could this be all triggered by the fact his father is dying and he wants to move back to NSW? I know he is a kiwi, but if his family settled there then that could explain alot.


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Third Rock from the Sun
Allan has a much higher ceiling in my opinion, and is a very capable Fullback when on song, which would provide cover for Milf if ever required. That is not something I can say of Jamayne.
Corey's attitude problem is a big concern though. Isaako doesn't seem to have that problem, and has a great work ethic from everything I hear.

Tough choice, but I would definitely not break the bank for either player!


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Isaako showed enough to warrant another chance but let not pretend, even last year his kicking was his biggest draw. We shouldn’t need our winger kicking for us, that’s embarrassing, and Staggs can kick goals.

Isaako was signed to a long term deal. 2022 I believe? If this deal is more about getting Isaako off our books then it makes sense. If Allen comes here on far less money and shorter deal, I would rather him in reserves than Isaako playing reserves on 400k for 5 years.
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I'm hoping Isaako stays. He’s going through a tough time but his work ethic will enable him to succeed. When that happens my hope is that he’ll be wearing a Broncs jersey. My concern is that Seibs was responsible for getting young Allen to Redfern so it’s quite likely he may well want to bring him back.

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