Ultimatum at Red Hill: Broncos prepare to axe $1mill Milford (It's clickbait.)

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Someone posted the full article in the comments section.

It's a pretty nothing article with a typically clickbait headline. Just goes into how Milf has lost 5 kegs over the pre-season and is apparently fit and firing, then goes into a whole lot of what ifs, if and when the club sucks in offence again and whether the club will either take the cleaver to his paycheque or to Milf himself.

“He is certainly the fittest he has been at the club,” said Richards of Milford.


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More crap put apon us by ‘one of our own’.
Extremely impossible to convince those who are unaware that News Ltd including the Courier Mail an channel Nine, and as such duds like Badel and Dobbin, are in effect part of the Broncos network.
Given the amount of negative input and absolute shit they endeavour to throw our way is almost amazing. It's a joke.
Live for the day they hand the club back to the members like they did with the Storm and Cowboys.

Like it should be !
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