What NRL team do you HATE the most?


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For me it's a battle between Storm, Sea Eagles, Raiders, Sharks, Cowboys and Eels. Um .. aa...rr...um...mmm. ... ... and the winners are the Storm. Sorry did I write winners I meant CHEATERS!


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Storm. For cheating the cap and benefitting from it for years.
Bulldogs. Most aggressive fans in the NRL.


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Well should I have written the 2 teams you hate most? Seemingly too hard to pick one.
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Can’t pick just one. Storm, Cowboys, Roosters, Raiders and Sharks.
You missed the Sea Eagles... Anyone who likes them or DCE should be drawn and quartered!
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Harry Sack

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Tougher question than it seems, for me anyway. Storm are the most obvious answer given the cheating...but I just have an ingrained hatred of Manly which existed before the Storm were even a thing. I also think my hatred of the Storm will go away a lot once Smith and Bellamy leave the club.

I bleed Maroon

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Real answer is **** all 15 of them, but in the spirit of the thread, Melbourne is the only possible answer. Cheating, grubby fucks who know they have the NRL wrapped around their finger for the sake of League in Victoria (A joke of a hill to die on but hey, this is the NRL.) and openly make the game worse for their own gain with their wrestling trash. Not to mention Smith using his profile in the game as a political warhammer.

They're the Republican Party of the NRL, all self interest and nothing left to respect. Also thread needs a poll lol
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Smithler and the Third Reich Melbourne Storm are the perennial champions. I can’t wait for the club to collapse when Bellyache leaves. People think Smith will take over and keep it going but they’re not even close to the same type of person so I don’t think it will happen that easily, assuming Smith even wants to.

Souths are the new favourite though, all that special treatment from Toddy. Wayne lying through his frown about not signing players they inevitably sign.

Cowboys while Green is still there, they’ll come back to earth in the next season or two which will be fun.

Roosters might get back to being hateable now they’re Cronk-less but no Lateral helps offset that

Sharks for being the druggie cheating dropkicks they are. I still don’t think Wade Graham is that great a player.

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