Women’s State of Origin Discussion

QLD in again.

What a fucking kick.
The old left-to-right breaking toe-punt, gold!
QLD in again. That should wrap it up.
Yep. Loving watching them and they have brought a whole new dimension to being a football fan.
Millie busted open. Someone check on B4L!
Great game! Enjoyable footy, but next year can we just thump them blues. I’m sick of nail biters!!
Only caught the second half but I thought it was a quality performance from Queensland.

The game was in the balance until Aitken stepped up and put on that beautiful step to set Upton back on the inside. It took me back to 2008 with JT and Slater to win it for the Maroons.

I thought the game was won when they decided to go against the 2 and went for the try. Once again, Aitken who had been causing McGregor all half just caught them out and just had too much zip. That allowed them a roll on and Hancock got to score a well deserved try just when it appeared Queensland were losing the plot. Nothing fancy, just saw some space and backed herself.

Nervous few moments at the death, but once Peters made that tackle on her line when the Blues had the numbers, the shield was always going to remain with the Maroons.

Quality win and it was nice to see what the Maroons could do on home soil.

Now next time, somebody needs to lower the mic for Aitken - that was just cruel.
I cant stand the Broncos players when they put on a blue shirt, but i have to make an exception for Millie. I feel your pain @broncos4life

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